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Tips for Reducing Stress as We Enter the Holiday Shopping Season



The holiday shopping season is just around the corner, and if the past is prologue, then many Americans' stress levels will soar during the next couple of months. Who wouldn't want less stress during the holidays? Below are some tips and insights to keep stress down.

Research tells us that about half of consumers will experience increased stress related to holiday shopping. But the cause isn't that consumers hate to shop for gifts. Rather, it's shaky personal finances.

The state of consumers' finances is a big issue. The National Financial Capability Study found that roughly 60% of consumers report that, month after month, they find it difficult to pay all their bills. Holiday shopping just exacerbates the pressures these consumers feel.

What can stressed out consumers do? The short answer is to set holiday spending budgets and avoid carrying a lot of debt. After all, that is what the consumers who experience less stress do.