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Member-Names (User-Names)

Professional Qualifications


Inappropriate Content

Links to External Content

Suicidal Ideation

Alcohol, Subtances and Weight

Sexual Content


Surveys and Research


Ownership & Rights



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If You Encounter a Problem

Clarification of Terms

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The Administration reserves the right to ban accounts and delete content at its discretion if the Terms of Service are violated by a user

Once content has been posted which contributes to the forum and has received replies from other members the Administration reserves the right not to delete an account. (See also Member-names (Privacy) and Search Indexing (Privacy))

Member-Names (User-Names):

You agree to create and use only one active Member-Name.

Creating a second Member-Name to avoid penalties such as a warning, suspension or ban will result in all accounts held by a User being banned.

Member-Names must not contain inappropriate, profane or triggering language (See Triggering). This includes references to addictive or illegal substances including, but not limited to alcoholic drinks and recreational drugs.

Your member-name is your responsibility, so please choose it carefully. A Member-Name might be edited at the discretion of the Administration if you feel that it compromises your privacy. (See also Search Indexing (Privacy))

Member-names must be original and not impersonate real or fictitious entities.

Professional Qualifications:

The Site is a forum for peer-to-peer exchange where each Member should feel and be treated as an equal.

Members are not permitted to include in their Member-Name or signature any professional qualification, real or otherwise (e.g. “Dr.,” “Prof.,” etc.).

Referring to a professional qualification held by you in a post, blog entry, chat or elsewhere in such a way as to imply authority or engender trust is not permitted.


Inappropriate Content:


You agree that you will not submit any material that you know to be false, defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, vulgar, hateful, harassing, obscene, profane, threatening, or invasive of another Member’s privacy (including, but not limited to, the Content of Private Messages or private Chat conversations sent using the Site). The determination of the nature of Content will be made at the Administration’s discretion.

You agree not to post any material intended to incite or continue arguments (“flaming”), or knowingly disrupt the flow of a topic. This includes “cross-posting” (intentionally duplicating posts or topics between topic or threads) and “hijacking” a topic (interrupting another member’s topic with a new subject of your own).

You agree to show respect and consideration towards other Members. This includes but is not limited to political, religious or philosophical opinions.

You may not post Content that insults, degrades, or defames other Members or specific, named individuals, including, but not limited to health care professionals.

The use of swearing, threatening behaviour or otherwise abusing members in any content is prohibited. This includes any behaviour that causes another Member to feel distressed or unwelcome (See Triggering).

Links to External Content:

You agree not to link to any material which itself violates these terms of service.

You agree not to embed images within a post. You may provide links to such sources. You agree not to embed videos within your post or to link to external videos. Please see (Etiquette).

Suicidal Ideation:

You agree not to discuss or reference specific methods for committing suicide or self-harm, or describe details of such methods.

Sexual Content:

You agree not to post sexual content outside of the context of seeking or providing support for issues concerning mental health such as, but not limited to sexual abuse, molestation and PTSD disorders on the relevant boards (See Disclosure: Search Indexing).

Posting sexual content outside of the relevant forums or for any purpose other than providing or seeking support and the use of the Site for dating or for soliciting sexually explicit content from other Members is prohibited.

Alcohol, Subtances and Weight:

You agree not to reference specific types of alcohol on any of the boards except for those concerning self-harm or substance abuse, which are password protected.

You agree not to discuss illegal substances except in the context of recovery (see Clarification of Terms).

Using specific figures when discussing body weight, Body Mass Index (BMI), eating disorders or related subjects is also not permitted in order to avoid “triggering” other Members.


Triggering content is defined as any content that may cause a member to feel distressed and usually involves graphic reminders or terms that “trigger” emotional responses and memories. Triggering content should be avoided outside of boards specific to that content and should always be avoided or minimized.

Triggering content includes, but is not limited to reference to methods of self-harm or suicide, details of traumatic experiences, addictive substances and violence.

Where it is unavoidable, potentially triggering content should be clearly identified or hidden using “spoiler” tags. If you are in doubt about your content then contact a member of staff.

Surveys & Research:

The use of the Site for the purpose of conducting research for commercial gain is prohibited.

The use of the Site for the purpose of conducting academic research is not permitted without prior written consent (see below).

Offering therapeutic services is not permitted without prior written consent (see below).

The Administration reserves the right to consider requests for academic research or therapeutic services on an individual basis. Requests must be sent to prior to posting content of this nature.

The Administration reserves the right to inform the authorities of personal details provided to the Site regarding inappropriate content which threatens another person or is otherwise in violation of U.S. law.

Avatars and Signatures

We strongly recommend you do not use a personal photograph as your avatar. The Site accepts no liability for the consequences of doing so.

Avatars must not include any vulgar, sexually suggestive, profane, hateful, triggering or otherwise inappropriate content (See Content).

The Administration reserves the right to remove Avatars without notice.

Ownership & Rights:

Although the user retains the copy rights to original content, the Site retains editing rights to any and all material hosted by the Site. This means that the Administration may edit, remove or otherwise modify material that resides on our server.

Posts may be edited for a period of one hour to allow the user to make necessary corrections. Edits after that period will be made at the discretion of the Administration.

You agree not to post any content that is not your own original material without reference to the source. You further agree not to knowingly post copyrighted material, or links thereto, without consent from the author. This includes, but is not limited to images, YouTube videos, social media content and information hosted by other sites.



The Site uses cookies. These are small files restricted to that allow the site to track your activity and maintain your experience. They contain no personally identifying information. For advice about opting out and not using cookies please email

Search Indexing:

The Site is “spidered” (indexed) several times a day by major search engines such as Google, Yahoo/Bing, etc. Any material that you submit maybe cached by these and other search engines unless it is in a password-protected forum. The Site accepts no responsibility for cached content, although if your privacy is compromised then we will do our best to help you rectify the issue and resolve the problem. (See also Member-Names (Privacy))


The Site receives a small fee by publishing advertisements from approved partners. These advertisements may at times include therapeutic or other “counselling” services. The advertisements are clearly identified.

The advertisements published at the Site do not influence or affect any of the material in posts, blogs, articles, or any other content not identified as an advertisement.


We ask all of our members to post in English as a courtesy to the majority of members using the site.

Please do not include any personally identifying information in your Content, including but not limited to your full name, email address, phone number or street address. This is for the protection of all members.

Please remember that every Member is a guest at the Site worthy of respect and consideration even if you do not agree with their opinion.

This is a privately owned website and “freedom of speech” is supported for the benefit of users. The Site does however retain editing rights to all content hosted (see Ownership). The safety and well-being of members is paramount and content which infringes upon another member’s security, mental health or privacy is prohibited (see Content).

Although links to external resources are permitted, the external content must not be in violation of the these terms of service. Posting large images disrupts the flow a topic for other members. Please link to the image instead and and use the gallery at the Site where possible to host those images. You agree not to post links to videos; this is for the safety of our members because some content may betriggering. (see Links to Externl Content).

If You Encounter a Problem:

Please do not post disputes on the public boards. These can become disruptive. Please message a different member of staff explaining the problem or complaint that you have, with as much information as possible so that they can help you.

Please remember to be polite and not to write when you might feel upset. Staff members are volunteers and deserve equal respect.

Staff members are volunteers. Many of them have on-going mental health issues themselves. Please treat them with respect and according to these Terms of Service.

Please also refer to Member’s Guidlines/Posting Etiquette – (Part II of our Terms of Service – TOS)

Clarification of Terms:

(The) Site: /, Inc.


Owner/Founder: Lindsay Reday (ForumAdmin)

Owner/CEO: Larry Jacob (LGJ)

(The) Administration: Lindsay Reday (ForumAdmin) and Larry Jacob (LJG) — see above; although other administrators can also be contacted.

Staff: Staff are structured in three tiers; Support Staff, Moderators and Administrators. Support Staff are more readily available but may need to refer you to a Moderator or Administrator. You are welcome to contact any member of staff if you experience a problem

Forum: The Forum includes all of the subdivisions and boards.

Boards: The subdivisions of the Forum dedicated to specific Topics.

Topics: The subdivisions of a Board, each created by a member.

Post: An individual reply to a Topic.

Content: Any material submitted by a Member to

Illegal Substances: Substances that cannot legally be obtained in the states of Florida or Illinois.

Member: A single member-name, and all associated Content; also referred to as an “Account.”

Member-Name: Also referred to as “User-name.” The name you use to sign into

Account: Synonymous with Member.

Private Message: Also referred to as “Personal Message” or “PM”. The member-to-member messaging feature available via the Site.

Chat: The Live Chat available to members with 20 or more posts.

Questions Errors and Feedback

If you need any further clarification of terms or definitions then please contact a moderator or administrator before posting.

Please report errors regarding these ToS to Tech Admin via PM, or for other questions contact a Support Staff Member, Moderator, or Forum Admin. You can also email