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Therapy by Phone Good Against Depression

      By Kristina Fiore, Staff Writer, MedPage Today Published: June 05, 2012 Reviewed by Zalman S. Agus, MD; Emeritus Professor, Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania and Dorothy Caputo, MA, BSN, RN, Nurse Planner Action Points Although psychotherapy effectively treats depression and is preferred to antidepressants by many primary care patients, only a […]

Novel Therapies for Cognitive Dysfunction Secondary to Substance Abuse; Brief Screening, Referral, and Cognitive Rehabilitation

Novel Therapies for Cognitive Dysfunction Secondary to Substance Abuse;  Brief Screening, Referral, and Cognitive Rehabilitation Advances in the fields of neuropsychological assessment and neuroimaging have enormously expanded our knowledge about the profile and severity of cognitive deficits in patients with substance use disorders. Neuroscience studies have complemented this knowledge by revealing the neural adaptations induced […]

Activity: The Antidote to Depression

Activity: The Antidote to Depression Most individuals who suffer from depression believe, “Once I feel better, I’ll start calling friends again/making dinner plans/playing golf/planning a vacation/etc., but right now, I just don’t have the will.” Most of these people are not aware of the research, conducted in numerous Cognitive Behavior Therapy studies, that has consistently […]

The Therapist Will See You Now, via the Web

SEE a therapist without leaving your home? In an article in the American Journal of Psychiatry, Dr. Thomas F. Dwyer, a Massachusetts psychiatrist, says he has practiced “telepsychiatry,” via video teleconferencing, for five years. Its “adoption by psychiatrists and patients,” he predicts, “will proceed quickly if the organizers cope with the irrational responses of some […]

Who Needs DSM-5? A Strong Warning Comes From Professional Counselors

By Allen Frances, MD | June 8, 2011 I just received a very important email from Dr Dayle Jones who chairs the DSM-5 Task Force of the American Counseling Association (ACA). Counselors provide a wide range of therapy, rehabilitation, and support services in very varied settings (like colleges, community mental health centers, psychiatric hospitals, substance […]

Peer support – cheaper and just as effective as CBT

April 29, 2011 Train ordinary people to be more compassionate and psychologically helpful to each other. They could do as good as job as CBT therapists for depression and anxiety, argues psychotherapist Nicky Forsythe ….. I first became fascinated by the power of what I will call ‘educated peer support’ when I was training as […]

“Home Again,” What makes for good psychotherapy?

Allan N. Schwartz, LCSW, Ph.D.Dr. Schwartz’s Weblog An anonymous and fictional person returns to psychotherapy after many years of treatment with me. As he enters the office with a smile he spontaneously and with relief said, “whew, home again.” What does this say about psychotherapy? We talk a lot about types of therapy from Psychoanalysis […]

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