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Substance Abuse & Recovery

In Those Who Drink More, The Brain’s Caudate Nucleus And Frontal Cortex Are Less Active

  Alcohol abuse and dependence are common problems in the United States due to a number of factors, two of which may be social drinking by college students and young adults, and risk taking that may lead to heavier drinking later in life. A study of the neural underpinnings of risk-taking in young, non-dependent social […]


SUBSTANCE ABUSE: ADDICTION & RECOVERY Comorbid Depression and Alcohol Dependence New Approaches to Dual Therapy Challenges and Progress Patients who are seen in clinical practice commonly have multiple problems, yet efficacy data often reflect treatment of a single illness. Thus, it is useful to know how standard treatment approaches need to be modified for comorbid […]

Binge Drinking May Impair Teen Brain Development

Too much booze can affect performance in school, sports, and girls are more vulnerable, study says Binge drinking can damage teenagers’ spatial working memory (the ability to perceive their environment or their surroundings) at a critical time when their brains are still developing, according to a new study.

Addiction Starts Early in American Society, Report Finds

A new study reveals that 90 percent of Americans who are addicted to tobacco, alcohol or other substances started smoking, drinking or using drugs before they were 18 years old. The study also found that one-quarter of Americans who began using any addictive substance before age 18 are addicted, compared with one in 25 Americans […]

The genetics of quitting smoking- Bupropion and nicotine metabolism

All About Addiction-Helping addicts get their lives back. If you’ve been reading A3 for a while, you know that we’re big supporters of scientific progress in addiction treatment. While it may be true that addicts need to want recovery in order to truly turn their lives around, the choice is hardly ever that simple and […]

Mount Sinai researchers discover why cocaine is so addictive

Mount Sinai researchers have discovered how cocaine corrupts the brain and becomes addictive. These findings—the first to connect activation of specific neurons to alterations in cocaine reward—were published in Science on October 15. The results may help researchers in developing new ways of treating those addicted to the drug. Led by Mary Kay Lobo, PhD, […]

Why are men more susceptible to alcoholism?

Alcohol is one of the most commonly abused substances, and men are up to twice as likely to develop alcoholism as women. Until now, the underlying biology contributing to this difference in vulnerability has remained unclear. A new study published in Biological Psychiatry reveals that dopamine may be an important factor.

Bipolar disorder and substance abuse: Overcome the challenges of ‘dual diagnosis’ patients

Bipolar disorder and substance abuse: Overcome the challenges of ‘dual diagnosis’ patients • Birds of a feather • Integrated clinical management Bryan K. Tolliver, MD, PhD  Assistant professor, Clinical neuroscience division, Department of psychiatry and behavioral sciences, Medical University of South Carolina, Charleston, SC  Discuss this article at http://currentpsychiatry.blogspot.com/2010/08/bipolar-disorder-and-substance-abuse.html#comments After testing positive for cocaine on a recent court-mandated […]

12 Ways to Beat Addiction

By Therese J. Borchard 12 Ways to Beat Addiction: By far my most popular post is the gallery, “12 Depression Busters.” But those suggestions were actually a response to Beyond Blue reader Peg’s query on how to stop smoking. They absolutely do help a person fight depression and the ongoing war against negative thoughts; however […]

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