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There are Ways to Stay Sane this Thanksgiving

Jonathan Alpert, Contributor Licensed psychotherapist, executive coach, columnist, and author of “Be Fearless: Change Your Life in 28 Days” 11/20/2017 09:57 am ET  As we approach Thanksgiving, family dramas and conflicts that have been kept at bay will inevitably resurface and issues will be stirred up. This is the time of the year when we feel obligated […]

Tips to eliminate stress throughout the week

  Stress manifests itself in many ways, sometimes obvious and other times quite mysteriously. Either way, if left ignored, it leads to illness or severe ailments. Do a little each day to decompress and enjoy your time rather than worrying. Follow these eight tips to unload the stress, live a healthier life and enjoy your […]

The Long Term Effects of Stress Levels

Stress is manageable, but not preventable. Everyone goes through stressful experiences of varying degrees. We sometimes think that stress is just in the mind: a reaction to a situation that will go away by itself (or when the situation resolves). Then, we think, we recover and go back to feeling normal.Stress, however, has many long-term […]

A Great Way To Deal With Anxiety, Mindfulness

9 ways to deal with #anxiety in 10 minutes or less According to the Mental Health Foundation, four to 10 per cent of people in England and the US will experience depression in their lifetime. The group also say that mental health problems like anxiety and depression have contributed to one fifth of days lost […]

How the Stress of Disaster Brings People Together

  New evidence that men are more likely to cooperate in difficult circumstances By Emma Seppala  | Tuesday, November 6, 2012 |       When things go wrong, we band together.     Ever feel that stress makes you more cranky, hot-headed or irritable? For men in particular, we think of stress as generating testosterone-fueled […]

Don’t Let Stress Spoil Your Fun This Holiday Season

Don’t Let Stress Spoil Your Fun This Holiday Season       Fall offers a host of fun festivities For people prone to anxiety, the holiday season may be stressful as well as exciting. While some people find Halloween thrilling, others may find it overstimulating. The subjective feelings of stress may interfere with the ability […]

Freeing Yourself from Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion

Freeing Yourself from Depression, Anxiety, Stress and Exhaustion “There is an alternative to the struggle that pervades much of our lives” Published on September 2, 2011 by Danny Penman, Ph.D. in Mindfulness in a Frantic World Can you remember the last time you lay in bed wrestling with your thoughts? You desperately wanted your mind […]

Panic symptoms increase steadily, not acutely, after stressful event

Just like everyone else, people with panic disorder have real stress in their lives. They get laid off and they fight with their spouses. How such stresses affect their panic symptoms hasn’t been well understood, but a new study by researchers at Brown University presents the counterintuitive finding that certain kinds of stressful life events […]

New University of Houston research study links job stress in teachers to student achievement

Courtesy of University of Houston Courtesy of University of Houston After 17 years of researching traumatic stress with war-afflicted populations (veterans and civilians) and job stress in the medical profession, Teresa McIntyre, a research professor in the department of psychology and the Texas Institute for Evaluation, Measurement and Statistics (TIMES), at the University of Houston […]

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