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Mental Illness & Stigma

Think stigma against mental illness is decreasing? You’d be wrong

Avoiding the Stigma of Depression and Bipolar Disorder Stigma against the mentally ill is bad, and research suggests it is getting worse, says Patrick Corrigan, PsyD, professor of psychology at the Illinois Institute of Technology and director of the Chicago Consortium for Stigma Research . “Mental illness is still extremely stigmatized,” he says, “thanks in […]

‘Mad Pride’ Fights a Stigma

May 11, 2008 In other videos and blog postings, Ms. Spikol, a 39-year-old writer in Philadelphia who has bipolar disorder, describes a period of psychosis so severe she jumped out of her mother’s car and ran away like a scared dog. In lectures across the country, Elyn Saks, a law professor and associate dean at […]

NAMI StigmaBuster Alert January 2008

***********************NAMI StigmaBuster Alert***********************Britney SpearsNAMI purposely has not spoken out about the Britney Spears ordeal in recent weeks,in part because we do not presume to diagnose anyone’s illness and try to respect aperson’s privacy—even when it’s being violated by others.We also have not wanted to feed the media circus.Even Dr. Phil, who tried to exploit the […]

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