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Mental Illness & Stigma

Removing Barriers for the Mentally Ill

Removing Barriers for the Mentally Ill A new intervention, the result of a collaboration between researchers from the University of Haifa, City University of New York and Indiana University, was found to reduce the self-stigma and improve the quality of life and self-esteem among persons with serious mental illness. “Just like wheelchairs and Braille have […]

Mental illness doesn’t deserve stigma

JESSICA FEHRENBACHER Correspondent Tuesday, March 30, 2010 While working with youths, we meet young people in all stages of development. Some come into our agency as outgoing, confident high school seniors, while others are shy, awkward freshmen. The opportunities to see the young people develop and find their way during our time together is inspiring. […]

The Continuing Stigma Of Depression

The Continuing Stigma Of Depression By Jonathan Rottenberg, Ph.D.Created Nov 1 2009 – 9:19am Part of the mission of patient advocacy groups is to reduce the stigma associated with depression. This is noble and important work because historically people who have suffered from depression have tended to suffer in silence and/or not sought treatment because […]

Stigma Keeps Many Teens from Getting Mental Health Treatment

Stigma Keeps Many Teens from Getting Mental Health Treatment Spend much time around teenagers and you won’t have trouble coming up with a number of adjectives to describe their attitudes and behaviors, but “shy” probably won’t be at the top of the list. From attention-grabbing fashion decisions to passionate beliefs to a somewhat disquieting tendency […]

Workers Fear Stigma of Seeking Mental Health Care

Workers Fear Stigma of Seeking Mental Health Care SATURDAY, Jan. 30 — Fears about losing status at work and about confidentiality are among the main reasons that many American workers are more hesitant to seek treatment for mental health issues than for physical health problems, according to a national survey released this week by the […]

NAMI StigmaBuster Alert February 2010

***********************NAMI StigmaBuster Alert*********************** Voices for Change Make sure to read the latest edition of NAMI’s Advocate e-newsletter(http://www.nami.org/AMTemplate.cfm?Template=/ContentManagement/ContentDisplay.cfm&ContentID=89806), which has two major stories on the fight against stigma.The annual “Voice Awards” honor both Hollywood heroes and individuals living withmental illness who are speaking out for change. One of this year’s honorees is Emmyaward-winning actress Glenn Close […]

People All-stars: Vote for Matt

People All-stars: Vote for Matt Help fight stigma and raise public awareness of the mental health needs ofveterans– in People magazine! NAMI leader Matt Kuntz, who is featured in the latestNAMI Advocate cover story (http://www.nami.org/obama) , has been nominated to be oneof People magazine’s “All-stars Among Us.” Earlier this year, he was selected toride President […]

NAMI StigmaBuster Alert; Mental

***********************NAMI StigmaBuster Alert*********************** On the upcoming episode of Mental (http://www.fox.com/mental) on Tuesday, June 16,an eight-year-old boy is diagnosed with bipolar disorder and stigma hides a familysecret. NAMI is continuing to monitor the show and would especially like comments onthis episode. Thus far, StigmaBusters are giving the show both thumbs up and thumbs down. (Seebelow) Past […]

Many Teens Hide Their Depression Due To Stigma

Many Teens Hide Their Depression Due To Stigma Stigma Keeps Teens From Depression Treatment     May 27, 2009 Concern about their family’s reaction to their depression is a major reason why many teens don’t seek treatment, new research suggests. In the study, which included 368 teens and one parent or guardian of each teen, […]

Desperate Housewives: A Thanksgiving Turkey

Desperate Housewives: A Thanksgiving Turkey***********************NAMI StigmaBuster Alert***********************ABC’s Desperate Housewives is currently running a plotline in which a mysteriousstranger, “Dave Williams” (played by Neal McDonough), moves into the neighborhood,after marrying one of the characters.Another character learns that Dave has been released from a “center for thecriminally insane.” His psychiatrist arrives to confront him. Dave kills thepsychiatrist […]

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