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Mental Illness & Stigma

PBS Stations to Air Unlisted

PBS Stations to Air Unlisted PBS stations will begin airing the film: Unlisted: A Story of Schizophrenia during Mental Illness Awareness Week (Oct. 3-9). Check the website for station schedules. The film was shown at the NAMI national convention this summer; some NAMI affiliates also are sponsoring local screenings in their communities.Source: NAMI

Mental illness stigma entrenched in American culture; new strategies needed

A joint study by Indiana University and Columbia University researchers found no change in prejudice and discrimination toward people with serious mental illness or substance abuse problems despite a greater embrace by the public of neurobiological explanations for these illnesses. The study, published online Sept. 15 in the American Journal of Psychiatry, raises vexing questions […]

Discrimination Hurts, but How Much? A Lot, If You’re a Teen

It’s tough being a teen. Are you in or are you out? Are you hanging with the right crowd? Are you dressing and talking and acting the right way? For adolescents who are ethnic minorities, on top of this quest to “fit in” is the added layer — and the burden — of dealing with […]

Mental Illness and Employment Discrimination

Mental Illness and Employment Discrimination Abstract and Introduction Abstract Purpose of Review: Work is a major determinant of mental health and a socially integrating force. To be excluded from the workforce creates material deprivation, erodes self-confidence, creates a sense of isolation and marginalization and is a key risk factor for mental disability. This review summarizes […]

National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Begins July 1

Taking It To The Streets: National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month Begins July 1; NAMI Highlights Surgeon General’s Concerns  July 01, 2010   National Minority Mental Health Awareness Month begins Thursday, July 1, coinciding with the annual convention of the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) in Washington, D.C. NAMI’s Multicultural Action Center and 2010 NAMI […]

The Stigma of Therapy: I Don’t Need a Psychologist, I’m Not Crazy

I Don’t Need a Psychologist, I’m Not Crazy By Dana Gionta, Ph.D. Just when I think significant progress is being made toward increasing the acceptance and positive perception of counseling, something will occur to lead me to question that. The latest occurrence was a recent interaction I had at a bank. Upon seeing my checks […]

Reducing The Stigma Of Mental Illness

 Reducing The Stigma of Mental Illness  A new intervention, the result of a collaboration between researchers from the University of Haifa, City University of New York and Indiana University, was found to reduce the self-stigma and improve the quality of life and self-esteem among persons with serious mental illness. “Just like wheelchairs and Braille have […]

Mental health: Overcoming the stigma of mental illness

Progress is being made to remove the stigma of mental illness and mental health disorders. You can take positive steps to combat stigma. By Mayo Clinic staff Stigma is a very real problem for people who have a mental illness. Based on stereotypes, stigma is a negative judgment based on a personal trait — in […]

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