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The Way we Communicate with Young People by Text, Saves Lives!

Amazingly, helping those in need by a crisis text line Texting has become So important in helping the young! We now understand the importance of Texting! We support it totally! by Nancy Lublin   How data from a crisis text line is saving lives When a young woman texted DoSomething.org with a heartbreaking cry for […]

Healing the Cycles that Tear Couples Apart

By Melanie A. Greenberg, Ph.D. Created Nov 13 2012 – 7:39pm   Respect and intimacy are the foundation on which loving relationships are built.  Without such safety and connection, there can be no trust; without trust, we lose the ability to be playful, spontaneous, and joyful  The following are common issues in relationships that, if […]

Four Habits That Make Relationships Happy

By Kevin D. Arnold, Ph.D., ABPP Created Jul 29 2012 – 10:36am Researchers write much about relationships, publishing literally thousands of articles on what things work—or don’t.  Dr. John Gottman, and the folks at his lab in Seattle, maybe does some of the best research on the topic. The findings help us know what makes […]

Stressed and strapped: Caregivers for friends, relatives suffer emotional and financial strain

  Family members or friends caring for aging or disabled individuals in California are under both financial and emotional strain and are likely to face even greater burdens, given recent cuts in state support for programs and services that support in-home care, write the authors of a new policy brief by the UCLA Center for […]

Hands-on dads give kids an edge

Hands-on dads give kids an edge  Fathers who actively engage in raising their children can help make their offspring smarter and better behaved, according to new research from Concordia University. Published in the Canadian Journal of Behavioural Science, the long-term study examined how fathers can positively influence the development of their kids through hands-on parenting.

Relationships Can Heal…But Can They Also Make You Sick?

Relationships Can Heal…But Can They Also Make You Sick?   Relationships can cause chronic stress The English poet, John Donne, once famously said “No man is an island entire unto itself.” Social relationships are as important to human survival and wellbeing as food and shelter. If you take normally functioning adults and expose them to […]

When Your Partner’s Love Isn’t Enough

When Your Partner’s Love Isn’t Enough Are there limits to your partner’s love? By the time she had her third panic attack in two weeks, I’d been seeing Paula, a bright, adventurous graduate student from Colombia, for the better part of a year. I was, frankly, puzzled by the episodes. Exploring her earlier history and […]

Not Going Nuclear: So Many Ways to Live and Love

  By Bella DePaulo, Ph.D.   Nuclear family homes are shrinking in numbers, but they still command a place of status in our cultural imaginations. The married mom and dad and their kids, living together under one roof (with no one else included) – that’s still the reigning image of human togetherness and connection. The […]

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