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College Mental Health Screenings Go High-Tech

College Mental Health Screenings Go High-Tech AP — Look around a waiting room at a university counseling center and you’ll see students wrestling with all sorts of issues: The one who’s failing because of binge drinking. Another who’s struggling with a roommate conflict, or a recent break-up. Yet another who’s stressed out and suicidal.

Are All of Our Leaders Mad?

Are All of Our Leaders Mad? Uncovering the Links Between Leadership and Mental Illness   After examining the psychological histories of a few living leaders and a whole little power necropolis, Nassir Ghaemi, director of the Mood Disorders Program at Tufts University Medical Center, is ready to proclaim a link between madness and achievement that […]

Back to School Psychology

It’s that time of year again. Teachers are updating lesson plans and setting up classrooms. Kids eagerly await news of which friends from last year will be in their class once more. Parents are buying school supplies and getting the ole’ car pool warmed up. So when it comes to starting your own back-to-school shopping, […]

Friends with Benefits: Pets Make Us Happier, Healthier

  By Allen R. McConnell, Ph.D. Created Jul 11 2011 – 6:02am Social support is essential for psychological and physical well-being, but are people the only source for our sense of belongingness? For example, lonely people are often advised to get a dog or a cat to quell their social isolation, but is it really […]

Beauty is in the medial orbito-frontal cortex of the beholder

A region at the front of the brain ‘lights up’ when we experience beauty in a piece of art or a musical excerpt, according to new research funded by the Wellcome Trust. The study, published today in the open access journal PLoS One, suggests that the one characteristic that all works of art, whatever their […]

6 Clues to Character

   Seconds after Tamara was ushered into his office, Michael knew she was right for the creative staff of the advertising team he ran. Within a year, they were not only a productive duo professionally, they were dating. She soon jumped to another agency largely so they could live together openly. A year later, they […]

How Music Molds Your Mind – What’s The Size Of The Mozart Effect? The Jury Is In.

How Music Molds Your Mind In a now well-known 1993 paper in Nature called “Music and spatial task performance”, Frances H. Rauscher and her colleagues report that participants who were exposed to the first movement “allegro con spirito” of the Mozart Sonata KV 448 for Two Pianos in D major scored significantly higher on standardized tests of abstract/spatial reasoning […]

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