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Parents and Children

Mom’s Affection Helps Babies Grow Into Less Stressed Adults

The more a mother showers her infant child with warmth and affection, the less anxiety, hostility and general distress the child will ultimately grow up to harbor as an adult, new research indicates. The finding is based on the tracking of 482 children from the age of 8 months all the way up to an […]

Unhealthy Family Problems Damage Young Children

Unhealthy Family Problems Damage Young Children   Tyler Woods Ph.D.     2010-07-16 – Melissa Sturge-Apple, the lead researcher on a research paper and an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Rochester has found that found that unhealthy family problems can cause damage to young children during their early school years.

Aging Fathers and Bipolar Children

More Harsh Reality: Aging Fathers and Bipolar Children By Peter D. Kramer    Like depression, bipolar disorder has been romanticized as an affliction that confers hidden benefits. It may, but evidence is accumulating that suggests manic-depression results from the sorts of genetic disruption that contribute to other severe afflictions, such as schizophrenia and autism. Readers […]

For Comfort, Mom’s Voice Works As Well As A Hug

For Comfort, Mom’s Voice Works As Well As A Hug “Reach out and touch someone” – good advertising slogan, or evolutionary imperative? How about both? May 12, 2010 — What Madison Avenue knew decades ago has been observed in brain chemistry. A simple phone call from mom can calm frayed nerves by sparking the release […]

Confessions of a Selfish Mother

Confessions of a Selfish Mother    Mother’s Day is that one time of year that moms are allowed indulgence—in our household this usually involves breakfast in bed and a rare opportunity to read the paper. For me this breakfast-in-bed “indulgence” is, not surprisingly, messy and a little on the chaotic side. (Though definitely fun and […]

Low Vitamin D Levels In Children Not Only Living In Northern Climates

NEWS HIGHLIGHTS Below are releases on studies appearing in the May issue of Pediatrics, the peer-reviewed, scientific journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP).   VITAMIN D DEFICIENCY NOT JUST A PROBLEM FOR NORTHERNERS While a number of studies have documented low vitamin D levels in children living in northern climates, a new study […]

Kids Suffer When Parents Choose Between Health Care, Bills

 Kids Suffer When Parents Choose Between Health Care, Bills Children in these homes are at greater risk of developmental delays, hospitalization, study finds SUNDAY, May 2  — The health of children is harmed when families are forced to choose between medical care and basic household necessities such as food, rent and utilities, a new study […]

Child Abuse Head Injuries Rise as Economy Falls

Study found almost twice as many per month in a downturn By Alan MozesHealthDay Reporter SATURDAY, May 1  — The number of abusive head traumas among infants and young children appears to have risen dramatically across the United States since the onset of the current recession in 2007, new research reveals. The observation linking poor […]

Kids Raised by Relatives Face Increased Health Risks

 Extra Support Is Needed When Children Don’t Live With A Parent    SUNDAY, May 2– Children who live with relatives instead of their parents are at increased risk for physical and mental health problems, new research shows. About 2.8 million children in the United States live with relatives, called kinship care, and about 800,000 are […]

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