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Parents and Children

Putting Children to Bed: A Win-Win Proposition

The wise and older parent. By Kevin D. Arnold, Ph.D. Created Jan 29 2011 – 8:23am   Probably one of the most challenging things parents face is putting our children to bed…..and helping them stay there. When they are babies, they don’t have a routine way of sleeping. But, as they get older, around six […]

Baby Bliss?

Jan 28 2011   The baby and toddler phase is not necessarily the happiest time in life. Satisfaction with life and one's relationship can deteriorate for most new mothers. However, those who are satisfied with their relationship during pregnancy are most satisfied three years later. This comes from a recent study from the Norwegian Institute of [...]

Emotional Abuse in Committed Relationships: Effects on Children

By Steven Stosny Created Jan 28 2011 – 10:41am Families do not interact predominantly by language. That might surprise you, until you consider that humans bonded in extended families for millennia before we had language. Even today, the most sensitive communications that can have far-reaching consequences on our lives occur between parents and infants through […]

Babies may gain extra weight on standard formula

By Amy Norton NEW YORK | Tue Dec 28, 2010 | (Reuters Health) – All infant formulas may not be equal when it comes to babies’ weight gain over their first months of life, a new study finds. In a study that followed 56 formula-fed infants, researchers found that babies on hypoallergenic formula stayed close […]

The challenge of mothering an adolescent daughter

Surviving (Your Child’s) Adolescence Welcome to the “hard half” of parenting: Here are some changes you can expect and some choices you should make. Consider some thoughts about mothers and teenage daughters.  Over the years in counseling, mother/adolescent daughter relationships have often been the most deeply conflicted and intense. Why? I think it is because […]

How mothering and fathering an adolescent can be different

Drawn from observations in counseling, this discussion is about tendencies, not certainties. Start with how male and female parenting can be different. Consider a biological distinction between mothers and fathers as a departure point for exploring some role differences between them. These differences can influence the contrasting focus of parenting they each provide.

The real ‘mommy brain’: New mothers grew

  Motherhood may actually cause the brain to grow, not turn it into mush, as some have claimed. Exploratory research published by the American Psychological Association found that the brains of new mothers bulked up in areas linked to motivation and behavior, and that mothers who gushed the most about their babies showed the greatest […]

Authoritarian behavior leads to insecure people

 Thursday, October 21, 2010  Researchers from the University of Valencia (UV) have identified the effects of the way parents bring up their children on social structure in Spain. Their conclusions show that punishment, deprivation and strict rules impact on a family’s self esteem. “The objective was to analyse which style of parental socialisation is ideal […]

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