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Parents and Children

Hurting at the Holidays? 7 Common-sense Strategies

Coping with your less-than-ideal family during the season of thanks and joy           0 inShare   Published on November 18, 2013   It’s not even Thanksgiving, but Christmas is everywhere in New York City, as it has been since the day after Halloween.  I no longer dread the holidays the way […]

Offspring of Parents With Bipolar Disorder

CHILD AND ADOLESCENT PSYCHIATRY                  It is generally held that the offspring of parents with bipolar disorder (BD) are at risk for BD. The degree of risk is an important question for both clinicians and parents. A recent study of bipolar offspring by Birmaher and colleagues1 sheds light […]

Summer Reading

Field Guide to Families Nurturing strong relationships—one issue at a timeby Lynne Griffin, R.N., M.Ed. Something for every reader in your family     Published on June 25, 2012 by Lynne Griffin, R.N., M.Ed. in Field Guide to Families Nothing says summer like a day at the beach with a tote full of books. Check out the picks I shared […]

Custody Disputes; The Role of the Child Psychiatrist

Custody Disputes; The Role of the Child Psychiatrist Child psychiatrists may become involved in child custody disputes. When parents divorce and are unable to agree on custody of their children, they proceed to court to have a judge determine custody and visitation rights. Parents can become quite angry, and custody disputes often seem more like […]

Many Fathers Struggle to Balance Work, Family

More than half said they’d consider being a stay-at-home dad if financially feasible   Most working fathers say they want to share child-raising duties equally with their spouse/partner, but a lot of them admit that they aren’t actually doing so, a new survey shows.  The findings suggest that many dads are conflicted about finding a […]

When Pregnant Mom Smokes, Baby’s DNA May Change

Finding helps explain why some kids more apt to develop asthma, other diseases, study says Women who smoke during pregnancy may be putting their unborn children at increased risk for a DNA change, a new study suggests. The change, called DNA methylation, can change a gene’s usual function. The researchers argue that the altered genes, […]

The ties that bind: Grandparents and their grandchildren

  Close your eyes for a moment, open your treasure trove of memories and take a step back in time to your childhood. Do you remember your grandfather gently scooping you up into his warm and comforting embrace? Or sitting by your grandmother’s side as she lovingly baked pies chock full of delicious, juicy warm […]

New mothers can learn a lot from watching their babies

  The best teacher for a young mother is her baby, contend experts who train social workers to interact with first-time moms. “We like to think of babies as ‘ordinary miracles,’” said Victor Bernstein, a research associate at the School of Social Service Administration at the University of Chicago. But adjusting to a baby can […]

Preschool beneficial, but should offer more

Tuesday, February 1, 2011 – As more states consider universal preschool programs, a new study led by a Michigan State University scholar suggests that two years of pre-K is beneficial – although more time should be spent on teaching certain skills. In the current issue of the Early Childhood Research Quarterly, Lori Skibbe and colleagues […]

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