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The Neglect of Mental Illness Exacts a Huge Toll, Human and Economic

The Neglect of Mental Illness Exacts a Huge Toll, Human and Economic By letting mental afflictions go untreated, we consign millions of Americans to misery and put a drag on our economy Mental health care is one of the biggest unmet needs of our time. Nearly one in two people in the U.S. will suffer […]

1 In 5 Americans With Mental Illness, National Survey

Some 45.9 million, or around 1 in 5 American adults (age 18 and over) experienced a mental illness in the past year, according to the US government’s latest National Survey on Drug Use and Health, released this month. The survey, published by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA), finds that the rate […]

Criteria Changes for Bipolar Disorder Proposed for DSM-5

June 17, 2011 (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania) — The upcoming Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, Fifth Edition (DSM-5), may include revisions for diagnosing mixed episodes while keeping the current duration criteria for hypomanic episodes in bipolar disorders, according to 2 presentations by members of the DSM-5 Mood Disorders Work Group at the 9th International Conference […]

Has the Silver Tsunami Begun?

Increased ED Visits May Herald Geriatric Mental Health Crisis An increase in emergency department (ED) visits by elderly patients in Hawaii is a strong indicator that a national geriatric mental health crisis is brewing, new research suggests. A study presented here at the American Psychiatric Association (APA) 2011 Annual Meeting shows a 30% increase over […]

Early Antecedents and Detection of Schizophrenia

Understanding the Clinical Implications Given the often irreversible deconstruction of a life that psychosis can bring to individuals and their families, strategies for early detection and intervention have become a focus of increasing interest. These strategies aim to prevent disorder by identifying, tracking, and treating the clinical antecedents to psychosis. In this article, we review […]

Wariness on Surgery of the Mind

February 14, 2011- In recent years, many psychiatrists have come to believe that the last, best chance for some people with severe and intractable mental problems is psychosurgery, an experimental procedure in which doctors operate directly on the brain. Hundreds of people have undergone brain surgery for psychiatric problems, most in experimental trials, with some […]

Trying to end the stigma: Organizations attempt to dispel myths of mental health issues in wake of Arizona shooting

Several mental health experts in Delaware County, including Dr. Kevin Caputo, chairman of psychiatry at Crozer-Chester Medical Center, echoed DiStefano’s comments. The Arizona shooting heightens the stigma of mental health and the belief that the majority of people with a mental illness are violent, according to Caputo. “When in fact, most people who have a […]

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