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People Neglect Who They Really Are When Predicting Their Own Future Happiness

Future Happiness   Wednesday, January 12, 2011 – Humans are notoriously bad at predicting their future happiness. A new study published in Psychological Science journal of the Association for Psychological Science, suggests that part of the reason for these mispredictions lies in failing to recognize the key role played by one’s own personality when determining […]

Keep Holiday Stress to a Minimum: Learn to Say No

Keep Holiday Stress to a Minimum: Learn to Say No   Before your holiday stress levels start to rise, learn these 4 simple tactics for saying no to unnecessary obligations.  For many of us, the holidays were magical in childhood, carefree times to be savored. But then we grew into hordes of harried adults, falling […]

Video gaming prepares brain for bigger tasks

  Playing video games for hours on end may prepare your child to become a laparoscopic surgeon one day, a new study has shown. Reorganisation of the brain’s cortical network in young men with significant experience playing video games gives them an advantage not only in playing the games but also in performing other tasks […]

Laugh and the World Understands

Laugh and the World Understands    Certain emotional expressions, like amusement, are universal, study finds Feb 2010  — Though basic emotions such as amusement, anger, fear and sadness are not always expressed the same way in every culture, some are universally recognizable, a new study contends. Specifically, the researchers investigated whether the sounds associated with […]

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