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Why Sleep Loss Is Linked To Depression As Well As Anxiety

New Clues About Why Sleep Loss Is Linked To Depression, Anxiety #Depression and #sleep problems are intimately connected, as many people know, and the relationship seems to go both ways. Sleep disturbances, of various types, are central symptoms of depression; on the other hand, chronic lack of sleep seems to predispose one to developing depression.

CBT for Insomnia Cuts Suicide Risk

    June 16, 2011 (Minneapolis, Minnesota) — Insomniac patients with suicide ideation show significantly reduced suicide risk after undergoing sleep-focused cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT), a new study shows. “This is the first study to our knowledge to reveal that a sleep-focused intervention has a therapeutic impact on suicide risk specifically,” reported Rebecca Bernert, PhD, a […]

Seniors abused during childhood face increased risk of sleep troubles

 Suffering from parental abuse as a child increases a person’s chances of having poor sleep quality in old age, according to a research article in the current issue of the Journals of Gerontology Series B: Psychological and Social Sciences (Volume 66B, Number 3). An analysis of data from 877 adults age 60 years and above […]

Sleep: Restless legs may be a sign of heart risks

Sleep: Restless legs may be a sign of heart risks  (AP) -- The nighttime twitching of restless legs syndrome may be more than an annoyance: New research suggests that in some people, it could be a sign of hidden heart problems. People with very frequent leg movements during sleep were more likely to have thick [...]

Insomnia Major Health Concern

Insomnia Major Health Concern Jan 27 2011 – Insomnia is a major health concern in Britain that harms all areas of life, including relationships and ability to function during the day, and should be addressed with public health campaigns at national and local level, including in schools and workplaces, according to a new report. “Sleep […]

New guidelines to ease sleepless nights

 Insomnia and other sleep disorders are very common, yet are not generally well understood by doctors and other health care professionals. Now the British Association for Psychopharmacology (BAP) has released up-to-the-minute guidelines in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, published by SAGE, to guide psychiatrists and physicians caring for those with sleep problems.

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