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Goldberg Mania Scale

Why We ‘Self-Medicate’ Our Own Depression or Anxiety

This is mental health awareness month.    05/09/2013 Which means, in my experience, that it is still, to some extent at least, alcohol awareness month. Many people who suffer with undiagnosed depression or anxiety reach for alcohol or drugs to calm their nerves or relieve them of emotional pain. In other words, they self-medicate. Rather […]

Lessons From the Heart May Reveal Diet’s Role in Depression

Deborah Brauser Jan 08, 2013 Research showing evidence of definitive links between diet and development of depression is "lacking" — showcasing the urgent need for large, longitudinal studies with improved methodology, experts suggest. Researchers note that future research into this association should follow the models used to investigate the link between diet and cardiovascular risk. Dr. Almudena […]

Obesity Comorbidity With Major Depressive Disorder

The experts blog about psychiatry Robert D. Levitan, MD One of the greatest challenges in psychiatric and medical research is clinical heterogeneity. To address this complexity head-on, we must, wherever possible, refine the target phenotypes that we study and treat. A good example of a phenotype in need of refinement can be found in the […]

The Many Faces of Depression

    Désirée A. Lie, MD, MSEd   Posted: 08/09/2012 Patients Who Describe Life as Hopeless Ms. Lee is a 48-year-old-married mother of 2 teenagers who works full-time as a store manager. Over the past 2 months, she has developed symptoms of fatigue, irritability, general aches and pains, loss of appetite, and reduced libido. She […]

Epidemiology of Pain and Physical Symptoms in Patients With Depression

  Epidemiology of Pain and Physical Symptoms in Patients With Depression   Prevalence of Chronic Painful Physical Condition (CPPC) by Age Group in People With Major Depressive Disorder  Individuals with major depressive disorder (MDD) often present with a variety of somatic symptoms in addition to the common emotional symptoms.1 Somatic symptoms include not only fatigue […]

Genetic Risk For Major Depression Identified

Genetic Risk For Major Depression Identified   Apr 28 2011   A new study reveals a novel gene associated with major depression. The research, published by Cell Press in the April 28 issue of the journal Neuron, suggests a previously unrecognized mechanism for major depression and may guide future therapeutic strategies for this debilitating mood disorder.

Light Therapy – Topic Overview

Light Therapy – Topic Overview What is light therapy? Light therapy (phototherapy) is exposure to light that is brighter than indoor light but not as bright as direct sunlight. Do not use ultraviolet light, full-spectrum light, heat lamps, or tanning lamps for light therapy. Light therapy may help with depression, jet lag, and sleep disorders. […]

Tests Used to Diagnose Depression

Tests Used to Diagnose Depression Tests Used to Diagnose Depression If you are planning to see your doctor about depression, here is information about the kinds of tests your doctor might ask for. First, keep in mind that not every test is a “depression test.” Some tests aren’t used to diagnose clinical depression but rather […]

The Neural Basis Of The Depressive Self

The Neural Basis Of The Depressive Self 16 Jul 2010   Depression, known to be a condition with impaired psychosocial functioning that severely impacts the quality of life of patients and families, is actually defined with specific clinical symptoms such as sadness, difficulty to experience pleasure, sleep problems etc., present for at least two weeks. At […]

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