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Generalized Anxiety Disorders

When Children Feel Sad After The Excitement Of The Holidays

 When Children Feel Sad After The Excitement Of The Holidays THE  New Year hits many children with an emotional thud as the excitement and fantasy of the holidays are replaced by the mundane reality of arithmetic tests and tuna casserole. For some, it is a time of great stress as they try to make sense […]

Childhood Anxiety Disorders – Three Effective Treatments

Childhood Anxiety Disorders – Three Effective Treatments Oct. 31, 2008) — Treatment that combines a certain type of psychotherapy with an antidepressant medication is most likely to help children with anxiety disorders, but each of the treatments alone is also effective, according to a new study funded by the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute […]

Talking to Children about Their School Anxiety

FOR AGES: Five to 13Most children experience some fears and anxiety as each new school year begins. They worry they won’t be able to read fast enough, and fret that older, popular kids will think they’re geeks.    Your children may be silent about their back-to-school fears, but that doesn’t mean they’re anxiety-free. Kids may […]

Gene Variants May Increase Risk Of Anxiety Disorders

Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) researchers — in collaboration with scientists at the University of California at San Diego and Yale University — have discovered perhaps the strongest evidence yet linking variation in a particular gene with anxiety-related traits. In the March issue of Archives of General Psychiatry, the team describes finding that particular versions of […]

Signs Of Anxiety – When Anxiety Becomes A Disorder

Everyone feels a little anxiety at some times in their life. If they didn’t they wouldn’t be human. It’s a natural reaction to circumstances, and a reaction that can often produce a favorable response. Anxiety helps us respond to a dangerous situations appropriately. And it can help us do our jobs better in pressure situations. […]

When Worry Consumes You

Do you fret about everything around the clock? There is help you can get. By Kathleen Doheny Posted 2/24/08 SUNDAY, Feb. 24 (HealthDay News) — Almost everyone worries about something — credit card debt, car repair bills, an upcoming work review, whether your child will get into a good college. A little worry is natural […]

Anxiety and aging

January 21, 2008 11:06 AM EST         Recently I had coffee with a friend who is worried about her 86-year-old mother, who lives in the Midwest. “Lately it seems like she’s worried about everything,” my friend told me. “She never used to be this way. Do you think she has an anxiety disorder?” It’s possible. […]

Selective Mutism

Selective Mutism is a psychiatric disorder most commonly found in children, characterized by a persistent failure to speak in select settings, which continues for more than 1 month. These children understand spoken language and have the ability to speak normally. In typical cases, they speak to their parents and a few selected others. Sometimes, they […]

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