Olympic Athletes Have Some Crazy Anxiety Dreams




Everyone Has Anxiety Dreams. Olympic Athletes Have Olympic-Size Ones U.S. winter Olympians — whose sports can defy gravity and involve breakneck speeds on snow and ice — share some of their most common nightmares in a special NPR Up First podcast from Pyeongchang

FEBRUARY 7, 2018, 1:18 PM
Olympic athletes have some crazy anxiety dreams.
Here are a few of the big questions hovering over the Pyeongchang Olympics, about to get underway in South Korea.


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Tips to eliminate stress throughout the week



Stress manifests itself in many ways, sometimes obvious and other times quite mysteriously. Either way, if left ignored, it leads to illness or severe ailments. Do a little each day to decompress and enjoy your time rather than worrying. Follow these eight tips to unload the stress, live a healthier life and enjoy your week.


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Retail Therapy: One In Three Recently Stressed Americans Shops To Deal With Anxiety


The Huffington Post  |  By Carolyn Gregoire  



Forget meditation and yoga: For many stressed-out Americans, the best remedy for a stressful day at work or the sting of a painful breakup is the smell of brand-new clothing, the feel of a silk dress and the sound of a credit card being swiped. If you turn to retail therapy in times of anxiety, you're not alone — according to a recent survey, nearly one in three recently stressed Americans (which accounts for 91 percent of the general population) shops to deal with stress.


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Dealing With Dating Anxiety: Try Not to Impress


I was talking with a young reporter the other day about dating. She asked how people could quell their anxiety before a first date. As a cognitive behavior therapist, I understand that anxiety is influenced by one’s thinking. For example, you will probably feel incredible pressure if you think, “I have to look/sound/behave perfectly because otherwise my date, who might be destined to be the love of my life, will judge me negatively.” Continue Reading →

An abnormal preoccupation with health can be debilitating

An abnormal preoccupation with health can be debilitating, the medical fraternity knows this too well.

Researchers and doctors have noted that when there are no physical symptoms, it doesn’t really mean that nothing is wrong with a patient. A patient suspected of a heart attack a week earlier might visit the doctor once again complaining of an acute headache signaling brain tumor. This could just be hypochondria, or commonly known as severe health anxiety.

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