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Targets of Bully Bosses Aren’t the Only Victims

Feb. 6, 2013 — Abusive bosses who target employees with ridicule, public criticism, and the silent treatment not only have a detrimental effect on the employees they bully, but they negatively impact the work environment for the co-workers of those employees who suffer from "second-hand" or vicarious abusive supervision, according to new research from the […]

Social Media, Psychotherapy, & Cyberbullying

  By Dr. Stephanie Sarkis, PhD Created May 12 2011 – 1:20pm When I first started counseling clients, I never thought that cyberbullying, friending or tweeting would come up in therapy sessions on a regular basis.  However, since the advent of social media, a new crop of concerns are being presented in therapy sessions. 

Characteristics of Bullies Revealed

May 3, 2011 (Denver, Colorado) — A survey of school-aged children has identified a cluster of factors that is associated with bullying, and more than one third of children fit the definition of a bully, according to the study, presented here at the Pediatric Academic Societies and Asian Society for Pediatric Research 2011 Annual Meeting.

Bullying; High-tech harassment is hitting teens hard

Bullying is nothing new, but it takes on a new and ominous tone in cyberspace. Adults are catching on.   Only after Ryan Halligan hanged himself did his father realize what the 13-year-old had been doing online. Through three months’ worth of links and instant messages saved on his home computer, Ryan’s growing pain – […]

Popular kids — but not the most popular — more likely to torment peers

While experts often view aggressive behavior as a maladjusted reaction typical of social outcasts, a new study in the February issue of the American Sociological Review finds that it’s actually popular adolescents—but not the most popular ones—who are particularly likely to torment their peers. “Our findings underscore the argument that—for the most part—attaining and maintaining […]

Physiological impacts of homophobia

Concordia study finds link between self acceptance, stress hormones and bullying Montreal, February 2, 2011 – Young adults who are lesbian, gay or bisexual (LGB) are at far higher risk for severe mental health problems than their heterosexual peers. New research from Concordia University suggests that the stress of being rejected or victimized because of […]

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