Sydni’s Mental Health Journey

One weekend in June of 2017, our lives, the lives of our family, and most importantly, the life of our daughter Sydni, changed forever.

by Traci Quinn

We are shocked and heartbroken that our perfect daughter Sydni will have to battle this Mental Illness for the rest of her life.  Our families’ journey since then has been difficult, with the past six months being the worst. Sydni’s been hospitalized four times since her diagnosis. One of the things that can help our daughter in her recovery is her own “space”.

She was diagnosed with Bipolar/Schizoaffective Disorder at seventeen.  A brain disease that causes depression, mood swings, hearing voices, erratic behaviors and self harm/suicidal ideations.


We are a family of six, in a small three bedroom house. Each of our four girls share a room. Sydni shares a room with our oldest daughter and it’s an issue with schedules. She cannot   handle too much noise, yelling etc, from our nine year old twins. It causes her great stress plus anxiety sometimes. There is no where for Sydni to escape to, a place of her own to work on the tools she’s learning, such as coping skills.

We need to make a room in our garage to separate the girls and to give Sydni her own space.   It is recommended by her doctors, to aid in her recovery. Time is of the essence, which is why   we are asking for your help.

We want to give Sydni all the tools to utilize in her recovery. She will be attending a partial    hospitalization program 4-5 days a week so that she will be able to come home at night and be with us on weekends, instead of a State Residential Facility, where she would be away from us.  It’s an important part of her treatment to have a place, a quiet area, to continue her therapy.   Any little bit will help.

Sydni, our beautiful girl, should have every opportunity to live a full, healthy life. With medication management and therapy, she can!

Please consider helping us to help our daughter. She did not ask for this disease, nor did she do anything to have this happen. Just like any other illness, cancer, diabetes, etc. it is difficult to      accept, to understand and to deal with. It takes its toll on families. We are thankful that we are a great support system for Sydni and believe her life will be full.

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your consideration.

❤ Traci

Hello DF Members,

Above is my beautiful, bright and talented middle granddaughter,
Sydni Faye Quinn.ღ˚ •。*  Traci has been her strength, her rock, throughout the beginning.  I decided to help my daughter Traci and her family by posting here with a Donation link set up.  Sydni needs that space for Therapy to be able to cope, to heal.    It was so ironic finding out that my darling granddaughter Sydni had this incurable MH disease. Ironic, right? She does need her quiet room built, that I do know. I cannot imagine Sydni being put in a Florida State Mental Institution.  She is such a sweet girl. I love her so very much. I pray there are people that would like to help Sydni have her Quiet Space. Thank you for reading.ღ ˚✰˚ ˛★*

~Lindsay, Forum Admin, Founder

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We are continuing to raise money for our Sydni.  Since Sydni was released from Bayside Center for Behavioral Health last week, it has shown us even more how important it is to reach our goal. Please share, donate if you can. Any amount is appreciated more than I can express. Mental health resources are not widely available in our area, esp with insurance. We will do anything to help Sydni get back to some kind of normalcy. Thank you


Or click on’s Donation button now. 

Thank you.  -Traci

Sydni’s life has drastically changed ever since her seventeenth birthday.  She is Schizoaffective and of course they released her way too soon, IMHO, but that is our MH system, especially in Florida.  Now that she is home, after being Backer Acted and put in a FL

Mental Health Behavioral Center, (her 4th time), she had a really terrible experience in Manatee Co. (Centerstone) so Traci was able to Transfer her to Sarasota Co. Bayside, Sydni has nowhere to else go for outpatient therapy and recovery time, but no “quiet place” of her own  when she returns at home as she is in a very excitable and noisy home right now, but with her very supportive family. Please help our family build this room for Syd.   Any donation, even a small donation would be so welcomed and go directly to Sydni’s Fund. 

Whether it is the  Sydni’s GOFUNDME Link   or DF Donate

Thank you. so much.



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