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Donating is a culmination of hard work, love and commitment to providing a FREE supportive, informational, and above all, a SAFE HAVEN, for you, our wonderful members.
We understand, we are here to listen and to help….we have been there. is the ORIGINAL Depression Forums, a not for profit, free, volunteer peer to peer discussion board on depressive illnesses, treatment options and support.
Our mission is to continue to create an atmosphere that is both supportive and informative for our members and non members alike, in a caring safe environment to talk to their peers about their depression, anxiety, mood disorders, medications, side effects, therapy and recovery.

Our vision is to advance the public awareness of mental health issues, so as to eliminate the stigma that is associated with depression and other mood disorders, preventing the stigmas through education and advocacy, and to strive to obtain equality in health care coverage, as mental illness is no different from any other medical illness.

We changed boards (from a free Ikonboard to a much more functional, and costly IPB board 🙂 ) and we changed hosts in the summers of ’04 and ’05. Unfortunately there were no longer the free hosting and technical services available for DF that we had so enjoyed and appreciated all these years (since 2001).
We want to thank Emily for donating her services to DF.

We would especially like to thank Coop for all the help and all the hard work in continuing to develop this amazing website.

As the site continues to expand and the forums become busier, the cost to keep this website running increases. We ask for donations from the members who believe in the work that DF does and to help keep it going strong as we can make a difference by changing the way the world sees depression and Mental Health and by keeping you, our members informed.
Contributions help us to maintain, update and improve this website, and the services we can offer to our members.
We now must have contributions coming in to help defray the costs of improvements, expansion and maintenence.
Donations will be used to pay for the board each year, the hosting services, domains, & the technical & maintenance costs.
Remember, there will never be any annoying pop up ads or pop under advertisements. Donations would be greatly appreciated. This is a a private safe haven for you, our peers.

DF offers a live chat room, an arcade, blogs of your own with many options and RSS news feeds. We hope to be adding a one on one support help desk and so much more! Just by donating a few dollars a month, or whatever you can afford, you can help us realize our goals.

*If you feel that you would like to help and give a donation every so often just because, or feel the forums have helped you in some way and you would want to help support DF you can use the ‘Make a Donation’ button located at the bottom of our front (Home portal) page or at the bottom of this page, which will take you to our secure Paypal site.
You also may PM Forum Admin for our address where you may send a check or money order.

*Donations of any amount are very much appreciated and will assure that DF will remain a continuing online Mental Health Support Website and so much more.
If you would like to have a donation envelope pip in your signature, please PM Forum Admin.

*Thank you so much for your support and continuing participation on our forums as we could never be THE without you and we greatfully appreciate your consideration and support whether donating your time or your dollars. By doing so you are helping DF in a huge way!


The DepressionForums Administration Team

*By clicking on the Donations button anywhere on our forums or on our DF Home Page (Look for the heart),
that will take you to the secure Paypal site where your Paypal account for transfering your contribution from anywhere in the world will be honored or you may PM Admin where you can send a check or a money order as well.
****Understandably, as in every community, some are better able to give than others.
Thank you for supporting The Depression Forums!

Please stay tuned for further developments! subscribes to the HONcode principles of the Health on the Net Foundation

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