Serving those we serve

Serving those we serve Monitor on Psychology – Volume 38, No. 8 September 2007

Transforming military mental health
New efforts are under way to attract and train psychologists who treat service members and their families.
Helping and healing
There’s strong demand for military psychologists, who are experiencing a wealth of opportunities and unique career challenges.

A psychologist and a soldier
Starting this month, the Monitor is regularly checking in with Army psychologist Capt. Jeffrey Bass, who began a 15-month deployment in Iraq.

Two psychologists who know first-hand how to help military families

Planting victory gardens, psychology style
Psychologists are providing free counseling, resources and education for military personnel, their families, their providers and their communities. And they want your help.

Helping families who don’t seek it out

A boost from home
A psychologist leads a hometown effort to support troops.

A growing field meets the challenges of war
Fifty years after Div. 22’s founding, rehabilitation psychologists are in more demand than ever.

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