Sample Stories from Fine Line: Mental Health/Mental Illness

The “Mental Health Connection”

Photgraphy by Michael Nye

The “Mental Health Connection”

Beth was one of the most talented writers in her high school, even performing her own
original songs on stage. Later, though, she was unable to leave her home, and literally stayed in one
chair in her kitchen for years.
Thelma raised six children on the banks of the San Antonio River and sings Mexican ballads
when she’s alone. When she was 10, her mother tried to crash a hired plane in the desert with her on
Doris received a Master’s Degree in sociology, and her passion is collecting recipes. As a
child, she was beaten and sexually abused, and  as an adult  she was homeless for two years.
Michael was the editor and part owner of an alternative newspaper. His gift is making people
laugh. He had his first breakdown at the computer screen. He started crying for no apparent reason
and could not stop.

You need to have (It’s free) QuickTime 7.1.3 DownloadAudio to hear the stories, but you can view them just the same:

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