Review of The Bridge – TTWS reader Laura gives us her point of view:

Review of The Bridge – TTWS reader Laura gives us her point of view: February 16, 2007 — Review of The Bridge

I was in SF in November when this first came out. I saw it and was agitated for weeks. When I got home, I was convinced (and convinced my husband) one Sunday morning that I thought I saw somebody jumping from a bridge near our house. Turned out to be a bridge construction worker coming to look at the bridge expansion project; he did seem to appreciate our concern though.

The filmmakers actually did try to intervene with at least one attempt, but they had told bridge officials only that they were there to do a “documentary on the bridge,” not about suicides particularly. Further, from where they were filming, it was nearly impossible to get to anyone after it was clear they were jumping. The profiles were brilliant and compelling.

The movie did cause the Bridge officials to come up with million more to “study the problem.” I don’t know what to think about that exactly — Great that they delegated some money, but do they really need to “study” the problem anymore? They know they have a jumper every other week, on average. They know that people that pace a particular area without a camera in hand and return several times within an hour are likely to jump. They can monitor all this with cameras they have. What is left to study? With 2 million, I’m think more security on foot and bikes would be more helpful than any further studies.

According to the filmmakers, they already know why people come there to jump — the drama of the final impact makes an impact they feel life didn’t, couldn’t, or wouldn’t allow. If you have suicidal ideations at all, you probably should not see this film. If you want to get motivated to start your own suicide prevention hotline, this film will probably do it.

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