Public Service Announcement to Air on ABC’s General Hospital


Public Service Announcement to Air on ABC’s General Hospital

DBSA, in partnership with ABC Daytime, has taped a
public service announcement (PSA) with Maurice Benard
which will air after the show on Monday, July 21.


Actor Maurice Benard partnered with DBSA 
to raise awareness since Jul 20, 2006
"We are excited to be working with Mr. Maurice
Benard, veteran actor on the popular ABC daytime
drama General Hospital". Benard, who was diagnosed
with bipolar disorder at 22, is currently playing Sonny
Corinthos, a character who also lives with the illness
and its symptoms. Due to Benard's fame, as well as
the popularity of General Hospital, there already has
been an increase in the awareness of bipolar

The announcement makes it clear that bipolar disorder is
a real, treatable, medical illness that affects millions
of people. Maurice directs viewers who think they
may have the illness, or their loved ones, to DBSA?s
website. ABC chose to air this special message on
that day?s episode because ?Sonny? will be diagnosed
with the illness by his physician.

If you are unable to watch General Hospital, the PSA
will also be featured on our website,
( We encourage you to watch
the PSA on Monday, July 24, on
General Hospital and/or view it on our website.

DBSA commends General Hospital and Maurice for
educating the general public about the signs and
symptoms of bipolar disorder. Maurice?s bravery and
desire to educate the public, paired with DBSA?s
mission ?to improve the lives of people living with
mood disorders,? is a partnership that we hope will
lead many thousands more people to get the help,
hope and support they need.


Learn more about DBSA -

About the Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance

The Depression and Bipolar Support Alliance (DBSA) is
the nation?s leading patient-directed organization
focusing on the most prevalent mental illnesses ?
depression and bipolar disorder. The organization
fosters an understanding about the impact and
management of these life-threatening illnesses by
providing up-to-date, scientifically-based tools and
information written in language the general public can
understand. DBSA supports research to promote
more timely diagnosis, develop more effective and
tolerable treatments and discover a cure. The
organization works to ensure that people living with
mood disorders are treated equitably.

We've been there. We can help.

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