Postpartum depression may be linked to colic

Being young (19), and having just had my first child two weeks ago, I never thought that I'd be so frustrated so quickly. Joe was born on Aug 11, and spent the first few days of his life in NICU for a lung infection, and after spending a week in hospital, we finally got to come home. He was great at first, but has gradually gotten worse with colic (coincidently, his father had horrible colic as a baby too, and they look identical). Today alone he has spent at least 3 and a half hours crying.
Tonight my fiancee (aka Daddy) mentioned to me that he's worried that I might be falling into PPD. My mother had PPD with me, and I'm starting to really worry. He said that I've been a bit withdrawn from him, and some of my friends, and very posessive of the baby, even with him. I cry at the drop of a hat, and have a hard time dealing with things that normally I'd be ok with (my cats, for instance, are hellions, and typically, I just laugh at them, but in the past few days, I've found myself getting more and more frustrated with them, and getting mad at them for running around the house so much.).
I really don't have any other support other than my fiancee. My family is estranged, and has been for some time, and having just moved, I don't really see to much of my friends anymore. I'm really starting to fear this PPD, and I know the more I do, the worse things will get. The more I stress, and worry, the more Joe senses something is wrong, and the more he cries, which just upsets me more.
Any advice at all would be greatly appreciated.

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