Postpartum depression may be linked to colic

My son had colic from 3 months old to 18mnths old – he'd scream every night and nothing we tried helped any – his stools were always green and didnt change colour until he was fully on solids, i was forever at the Gp's with him but it wasnt until he was around 18mnths they said it was toddler diaorreah (sp) and gave him medicine to dry him up and as soon as his stools became solid the colic stopped but i didnt want him on meds so i tried homeopathy – he went 2 weeks of hell – runs/blistered bum, screaming with the colic then he started to slowly pick up, stools thickened and the colic stopped and he hasnt had toddler runs since, tho he still is prone to tummy bugs.

My little man has severe asd and bowels probs apparently go hand in hand, but i ended up on meds when he was 5 mnths old because he wouldnt let me put him down, he would scream if i tried to lie him down, i ended up sleeping with my arm under him in bed so he thought i still had hold of him.


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