Please Help Support VNS Therapy Coverage thru Medicare

Please Help Support VNS Therapy Coverage thru Medicare I’m asking for your help. Not for Joyce and me but for you, you’re loved ones and others. This is more than an issue of getting Medicare and other insurance companies to responsibly and rightfuly pay for an FDA approved treatment option, VNS Therapy for Treatment Resistant Depression.
This is also about a rebellion and an opportunity to let the insurance companies know that you don’t want them any longer as the third party in the examination room with you and/or your loved ones and your doctor and having the insurance company making the final medical decision overriding your doctor’s advice and your decision.

Medicare is starting to post the responses they are receiving daily. Take a look. Please note the real life facts and not just some meaningless numbers on a sheet of paper. This is real-time and about real lives we’re dealing with and its time we stopped all these non-intimate parties from playing Power/Politics/Money games with our lives and wellness and the lives of our loved ones.

We don’t want another Terry Schiavo scenario. Get the government; get the politicians and get the insurance companies out of the medical decision making process between you and your doctor.

Read the link listed below and if you haven’t already done so please take a moment of your time to share your feelings and/or knowledge about your experiences with the VNS Therapy or that of someone you know and if not, share your disgust with insurance companies improperly intervening and making the medical decisions for you and your doctor.

Please I ask you all to help. Read the responses and then at the top of the webpage click on the red “comment” box and send your thoughts and experiences. Please do so before September 7, 2006 the closing dated for comments.…

Thank you all for the support and caring you’ve all shown to Joyce and me through the years. Joyce is doing well and is depression free.

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Commenter: Reday, Lindsay
Title: Webmistress
Organization: localDFT3
Date: 08/12/2006

As the owner of a very active internet
community website on
depression and other
mental illnesses. I see this travesty every day.
I do not
need to tell you how very important
the FDA
approved VNA stimulator is to
treatment resistant patients.
cannot function without our organ, our Brain.

Quoting President Bush, “Our health insurance
system must treat serious mental illness like any
other disease. And that was Senator Domenici’s
message to me at the Oval Office. And it was
Nancy’s message when we had them up for dinner.
And I want to appreciate the fact that they have
worked tirelessly on this problem. I have a record
on this issue. As the Governor of Texas, I signed
a bill to ensure that patients who critically need
mental health care are treated fairly. Senator
Domenici and I share this commitment: health plans
should not be allowed to apply unfair treatment
limitations or financial requirements on mental
health benefits. It is critical that we provide
full — as we provide full mental health parity,
that we do not significantly run up the cost of
health care. I’ll work with the Senator. I will
work with the Speaker. I will work with their
House and Senate colleagues to reach an agreement
on mental health parity �” President Bush, April
29, 2002–January 2004″
Where does the stigma

Our, (DF’s), vision is to advance the
public awareness of mental health issues, so as to
eliminate the stigma that is associated with
depression, preventing the stigma surrounding mood
disorders through education and advocacy and not
forgetting to strive to obtain that equality in
health care coverage, as it is no different from
any other medical illness.

I urge you
to reconsider your previous
decisions, and to
now approve VNS for patients
with treatment
resistant depression so they can lead full and
and productive lives.

Thank you.

Lindsay, Forum Super Administrator


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