New Years Eve Eve Open thread – Comments?

New Years Eve Eve Open thread – Comments? New Years Eve Eve Open thread- Comments? Dec 31th, 2006 at 09:44:53

Getting by…..
……….by the seat of my pants.

Anyone else despise New Years Eve? I really, really hate it. It never lives up to expectation– I have never gone out in a “little black dress” to an elegant party. I am terrified of drunk drivers out on the roads. Typical of New Years Eves was how I spent New Years Eve 1999–Mom and Dad came over and I spent the night with stomach flu—gee now that was so much fun……

Just talked to a friend who is supposed to come over tomorrow–she isn’t feeling well–so who knows…another exciting New Years Eve for the books. I think I despise New Years because it signals the end of Christmas Holidays–I too get smacked with apres-Christmas depression!! I kind-of wish New years was at some other time! Maybe I will just celebrate it at the spring solstice equinox!. January and February are the absolute pits.

Wal-Mart: Not evil enough to ignore

You might dislike the politics of Wal-Mart, but I feel honor-bound to tell you the store’s pharmacies will be selling some generic antidepressants at $4 for a month’s supply. Check it out:

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