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Moderator Of The Month: AquaViolet

Hello Members!   LGJ and I are announcing the Moderator of the Month of March.


April came in like a like a Lion as well, even, yes..even in Florida!   We should be getting a thaw this coming week though.


She is consistently an extremely adorably dedicated and hard worker, especially after her day job! smiley




Thank you so much Aqua for doing a fantastic job putting in your time moderating Depression Forums.   heartYou are just fabulous!


Thank you to all of our Moderators who did wonderfully for this chilly windy month,    you all are just totally wonderful!


 I also want to put in a shout out to our wonderful Support Staff who are exemplary to our community as well.







In the coming month or so we are working towards putting in a new and much improved CHAT ROOM for all of our Members!



DF is Grateful to you all.




The DepressionForums Admin Staff

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