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The ADHD-impacted marriage

ADHD Adults: "What It Feels Like to Have ADHD"




by Melissa Orlov

Your brain, and everyday experiences, feel different with ADHD. Here's how.

What does it feel like to have ADHD?  And, more importantly, what’s the long-term experience of ADHD like?  A recent post at my website ( reminded me of how poorly those of us without ADHD understand that ADHD experience, and how critical it is that we think compassionately about our partner’s way of being in the world. 

Non-ADHD partners tend to underestimate the significant issues that adults with ADHD face every day.  To help provide perspective, I start with some eye-opening descriptions I’ve heard over the years about what it feels like to own that ADHD brain, then close with the life experience described by ‘Richard’ on my site.  It’s incredibly moving, and well worth the read.

The ADHD Brain is Different

The ADHD brain differs chemically and physically from the non-ADHD brain.  Here are a few of the ways that those with ADHD describe it:


Like having the Library of Congress in my head with no card catalogue”



The ADHD-impacted marriage