Major Clinical Depression (MDD)

Many individuals will suffer a major bout of clinical depression in their lifetime and that many of those depressive episodes cause an individual to experience suicidal thoughts. We know that most forms of depression, while not fully understood, have been found, through extensive research, to be linked to a chemical imbalance in the ], most commonly serotonin. Clinical Depression is a real illness and not a personal weakness or character flaw, (as the stigma of depression may have you believe). Recovering from depression takes the help of a medical professional not unlike other illnesses. You cannot just will it away. You cannot allow yourself to believe that if you were a stronger person you could shrug off those symptoms. You suffer from an illness that requires professional intervention. However, know that depression is an illness that can be properly diagnosed and successfully treated. There are many symptoms associated with clinical depression

* Feeling totally overwhelmed and anxious.
* Having trouble overcoming feelings of guilt, worthlessness , helplessness and hopelessness.
* Trouble falling or staying sleeping, or sleeping much more than normal.
* Feeling very tired and having little or no energy.
* Losing the ability to feel enjoyment in daily activities that used to be quite pleasurable, including sex.
* Having difficulty concentrating, thinking clearly, making decisions and accomplishing tasks.
* Feeling very pessimistic, negative and extremely critical of yourself.
* Being told that others have noticed a change in your mood and behavior.
* Relationships with family members and other people have changed and you are losing interest in being around other
* Persistent feelings of sadness and frequent periods of crying.
* Feeling that there is nothing in life to look forward to.
* An increase in the use of alcohol and drugs.
* A dramatic weight loss or gain is quite common.
* Having recurring thoughts of suicide .

If you suffer from this well defined illness called clinical depression, you are not alone. Medication, therapy and group therapy are available and do help as well as Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) and Vagus nerve stimulation (VNS) for Treatment-resistant depression (TRD) . subscribe to the HONcode Principles: Verify Here.

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