Key info for men under 25

The good news is ….

…you’re pretty unlikely to get a serious disease but as you know that doesn’t mean there aren’t some health probs associated with being under 25. You might want to check out the following sections of malehealth:

Alcohol – if you’re drinking alcohol, it’s worth knowing exactly how it works and exactly what it can do.

Smoking– best not to start, obviously. But if you have, best to quit as soon as poss. It gets harder as you get older.

Road accidents – do you drive safely? Accidents are the second biggest killer of young men.

Depression – suicide is the major killer of young men. Look after your emotional health as well as your physical health.

Healthy eating– you are what you eat. But if you’re cooking for yourself for the first time, it’s easy to eat junk. Here are the basics.

Leaving Home– all you need to know about healthy independence for students and others leaving home for the first time

Sexual Problems– premature ejaculation, erection problems, they affect all of us but they’re not easy to talk about. This section contains what you need to know.

If you’re just looking to make your sex life more sexy, check out our section on sexual health. And if you catch something you don’t want, see sexually transmitted diseases (STIs). There has been a big increase in STIs such as chlamydia among young men.

Testicular problems – Cancer is very, very rare among young people. Testicle cancer, the most common cancer among young men, can be cured if caught early. Find out how.

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