For this year’s week, malehealth has got more special content and features than ever before.

Kylie, Travis Bickle, Peter Shilton – one of England’s all-time World Cup heroes – and Marvin from the Hitch-hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy plus all sorts of blokes of all ages talking about their mental health challenges and encouraging you to do the same. There’s even our first-ever podcast!

It’s all designed with one thing in mind: to make you feel better. Let us know if we’ve succeeded.

STAT OF THE WEEK: 18,000,000 – more than 18 million men in the UK are affected by common mental health problems, new research by the MHF suggests. Most of them are suffering in silence. Check out the Latest News below.
Millions of men too stressed for sex

Now stress is even putting us off sex. According to research published for Men’s Health Week 2006, millions of British men are turning down sex because an increase in stress and anxiety means they just don’t feel like it. Most of them blame work.

About 50% of men admit feeling stressed or anxious at least once a month says the Men’s Health Forum’s study.

And for four million men it is taking its toll on their sex lives with 15% claiming mental health problems are leading to a reduction in their sex drive. 50% also say that stress, anxiety and depression leaves them feeling tired.

The research also suggests we’re not dealing with out stress in the ideal way. Rather than look for support and help from GPs and other health professionals, 32% of men questioned turn to booze to drown their sorrows. Compared with women, men are also twice as likely to resort to illegal drugs to cope with the effects of mental illness while one in ten rely on pornography or extra marital sex to cope with the problem.

The main causes of stress according to men in the survey were:

* Work or study (48% of men)
* Finances (44%)
* Feeling rushed all or much of the time (27%)
* Relationship problems (25%)
* A poor balance between work and the rest of their life (22%)

In short, while mental health is a major problem, nearly a fifth of blokes are suffering in silence and don’t turn to anyone for help. This is something National Men’s Health Week 2006 is aiming to address.

Peter Baker, chief executive of the Men’s Health Forum, said: ‘There is a feeling that if you are man you have to be strong and macho and cope with whatever life throws at you. But this research proves that for many men this isn’t working.

‘A fifth of male mental health sufferers are bottling up their problems, which is worrying. A third of those men we talked to admitted they would feel embarrassed or ashamed about looking for help to overcome mental illnesses while another 11% believe they would try and cover up the fact that they had a mental health problem.

‘We want health professionals to make their services more male-friendly so that men feel they have somewhere to turn. We also want the government to develop a national initiative to improve the mental well-being of men.’

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