“How It All Got Started”

My name is Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos, and I have created this series to help people who suffer from Panic Disorder.

“How It All Got Started”

My name is Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos, and I have created this series to help people who suffer from Panic Disorder.

I have been treating clients with panic attacks for years in my one-on-one coaching programs. I originally developed a short workbook for my clients to use while we were working together. As I received feedback from my clients I kept refining the workbook until I realized that what I had was in fact a written course with a step-by-step guide for overcoming panic attacks!

My method is based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, a type of therapy that I have come to believe very strongly in. I have never felt committed to any one particular branch of psychology, but when we’re talking about results, CBT simply produces most of it. It has solid research behind it, and has been proven time and time again.

The problem with the therapy you learn from a University is that it’s very dry and factual, assumes each person is the same. It’s designed for the “average” patient that doesn’t really exist in real life.

My goal has always been to come up with a method that is flexible enough to work with anyone, but will still give you clear and easy instructions on how to get great results.

Inititally I was only going to sell the Workbook in paperback form. But when I did my research on online resources for panic disorder I realized how little there really was. As I read through the available material, it was clear that most of it was written by people who had no real training in the field. I found some resources that had gotten at least parts of the theory right, but they all failed in how to make the theory easy to apply effectively.

I’ve always had the attitude that I will only use what works.

Regardless of what school of psychology it comes from, I will only use techniques that work for my clients. It is this attitude that has allowed me to develop a method that is very easy to follow, and that has proven itself again and again with the results it produces.
Why are credentials so important?

Look, making the decision to overcome Panic Disorder is important – it may even turn out to be one of the most important choices you’ll ever make. To have somebody help you that knows what they’re doing should be your top priority, if done wrong the symptoms can actually worsen.

When my clients move to a new city and want advice on how to find a good counselor I always stress the importance of checking their credentials. It’s important for two reasons:

1. A licensed therapist will know what they’re doing. You can trust that they will have a more deeper understanding about what’s really going on than other people. Someone with good training and experience will be able to tell very quickly what’s working and what isn’t, and can make the necessary adjustments to make sure you get the most out of your counseling. There are people without training who MEAN well, but in the end we’re talking about YOUR life, YOUR health and YOUR future. The least you should ask is that whoever is helping you knows what they’re doing.

2. Someone who has gone through the years of studies, volunteer work, research and practice that is expected for obtaining a full license will be motivated to help you. The simple fact that they spent such a large portion of their lives learning these skills to perfection should tell you something about their dedication to helping YOU. Choose someone who has reputable credentials and you will avoid the people who sell bogus “miracle cures” for a quick buck. There will always be people who will try to take advantage of your situation, but very few of these people are willing to put in the work and effort it takes to obtain a license.

In short – credentials weed out the people who aren’t serious and that are only after your money. After all, if someone is looking to make an easy buck, there are a lot easier ways to do it than six years of Med School!

Below are some of my academic merits. But to tell you the truth, besides being a testament to my dedication to helping you, diplomas and certificates and degrees are just words on paper. What I really measure my success in are the people I am able to consistently help.

Dr. Lindsay Kiriakos

university logos

Stanford University
University of Pennsylvania
University of California, Los Angeles


Stanford University, BA with Distinction, Psychology
Stanford University, BS with Distinction and Honors, Biology
University of Pennsylvania, Medical Doctorate

Post Doctoral Training

UCLA Medical Center, Adult Psychiatry Residency
Academic & Administrative Appointments
UCLA Neuropsychiatric Institute, Clinical Instructor
Sepulveda VA Medical Center, Recurring Lecturer
Pepperdine University, Psychopharmacology Instructor

Licensure and Certification

Licensed Physician, California Medical Board
DEA Certification, U.S. Drug Enforcement Agency
Cognitive Therapy Certification,
The Academy of Cognitive Therapy
Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Certification, UCLA
Neuropsychiatric Institute

Awards & Honors

University of Pennsylvania Medical School –
Honors in Internal Medicine, Neurology, Child Psychiatry,
Consultation-Liaison Psychiatry, Psychiatry Research
Elective, and Adult Inpatient Psychiatry
University of Pennsylvania Medical School –
Graduate Psychiatry Award
U.S. Psychiatric and Mental Health Congress Fellowship


Panic Disorder: How To Fight Back And Win
Lindsay Kiriakos, M.D., DixiePress, 2006.


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The Worry Guide

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