Here We Grow Again

An Important Announcement For Our Members and Guests,  

This Announcement is for you, our Members and Guests, as we will be offline for a bit for much-needed maintenance. We will keep you informed when we will be going offline for much-needed maintenance and we

expect to be up and running shortly thereafter at sometime when completed this coming week, starting Monday, July 29th onward.

We will let you know in advance the exact date, so please copy and paste your posts somewhere as you post, so you can save them, to keep, just in case and you will have them.

Some may be lost during downtime. 

We are excited by this improvement and do think this is a good thing for you, our members, and We hope this will improve the performance of our website. 

I will try my best to let you know the exact time and date!

Thank you for your understanding. 

-Lindsay, Forum Admin, and the Admin Team

Depression Forums Incorporated