HappyNew Year . long.year

HappyNew Year . long.year long.year –
December 31st, 2006 · the change of wasted time accumulates in an old bucket in the corner amongst cobwebs, old photographs, memories, just like pennies, dimes, and nickles.

collectively it amounts to what could have been but no bank will accept this change, so it accumulates to the point of oblivion. year-after-year it fills with wasted time, wasted life.

anxiety builds, the seconds tick away on the clock. a year has now passed us by, a new year is yet to unfold. what to do? compensate for wasted time in the previous year in the remaining twelve hours. call everyone in my phone, i miss them, yes, but…

…but years are merely an arbitrary definition, time is continuous. it doesn’t wait.

each second-past is a new update on the rss feed of life. it’s a missed opportunity for history to be made, for a difference to be made, for life to be lived and not watched.

seconds accumulate to minutes, to hours, to days, weeks, months years, decades.

the bucket has overflowed.

soul to paper, paper to voice, scream out on the highest mountain the deepest of feelings.

no seconds wasted, no time goes without some meaningful expression, action, event.

take everything that provides comfort and set it on fire among shouts of the most inner thoughts that come to mind. break a glass, let the crashing sound resonate in the ear and in the heart. scream from the mountain.

relationships are not a given. recreate relationships everyday. the past is just a crutch and the events of right now will make the past of tomorrow. today is the greatest day, right now is the greatest moment.

with each inch that the ball drops this evening, the seconds tick down.

tomorrow will be the greatest today ever.


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