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Glad tidings for 2007

Glad tidings for 2007
Glad tidings for 2007
Slow Jews day BY Liz Spikol

Ha ha. I’m making fun of the fact that I’m jetlagged and sleep-deprived. Don’t worry—I’ve got a million like that one.

Though you might be breathing easy because the holidays are over, don’t let your guard down. We still have to survive New Year’s Eve, which is arguably more depressing because you always think, \”Maybe next year will be better,\” which then causes you to think about last year and why it didn’t meet your expectations. Plus, you’ve eaten all kinds of crap over the holidays and have gained five pounds and you know your NYE resolution to lose weight will only make you glum.

Oh, sorry. Am I projecting?

Anyway, if you’re still feeling like you’re having a hard time, check out “Mental Illness: Coping With the Holidays” from Mental Health Ministries. Download it Here.


Liz Spikol is managing editor of Philadelphia Weekly. She writes the award-winning column “The Trouble With Spikol,” which began as a chronicle of her struggle with mental illness, and has since expanded into humorous musings on everything from graphic novels to how to use a mop. This blog is about mental illness—policy, news, personal journeys and more.

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