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Sunny/overcast Weather...

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Hi everyone. I just made an account a few minutes ago. Although I’m not depressed, I think this topic may be related to depression from other people’s point of view. This is a long rant, so be prepared. I’m just looking to see if I could get advice on how to deal with it or perhaps what this means.

I absolutely hate sunny weather. I love it when it’s overcast because the clouds make me feel at ease and are beautiful to look at. Sunny weather irritates my skin and hurts my eyes. I’ve liked overcast for as long as I can remember. I don’t know if I have a reverse SAD of some sorts… I am very picky about weather. I only like it when it’s overcast and the temperature is under 60 F.

Hearing people say that a sunny day is beautiful annoys me because the sun makes me miserable. I just want to run away from the sun whenever I see it outside. People say that the clouds are depressing, but I really can’t see why. A few weeks ago it was cloudy for almost a week straight, and I thought it was marvelous…

A smaller reason why I dislike hot and sunny is because I can’t wear my favorite clothes, which are coats, boots, scarves.

I check the weather a lot, and it seems like Seattle has the best weather in the world. Too bad it was sunny when I visited…

Maybe I’m just weird, but here are my tolerance levels for most temperature ranges (only in overcast):

Below 40: I dunno, I live in California. I don’t like the weather here.

40-50: A bit cool. I can still wear short sleeves if I want, though I usually wear long sleeves. I like it.

50-60: Perfect. I can wear short or long sleeves, but I stick with short most of the time because it’s not actually cold.

60-70: Warm. I prefer it to be cooler.

70-80: Hot. I try to escape the sun.

80-90: Very hot. It’s hard to think.

90-100: I feel like dying. I can’t think of anything other than about how hot it is.

100+: Don’t want to think about it.

The sunlight messes with my brain. My body will feel inconsistently hot or cold when there is sunlight. Sometimes 50 or 60 degrees in the sun will make me shiver or sweat. It’s kind of random. I have actually sweat in 56 degrees in the sunlight before when I was wearing short sleeves…

Am I secretly depressed or weird or something? Hope someone has advice to offer. Thanks in advance.

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I'm a winter person myself. I despise hot, humid weather. I grew up on a farm, where we had to do heavy-duty chores on really hot days. Being up in the barn stacking hay on a 90+ degree day with high humidity absolutely SUCKED.

My favorite temps are in the 50-60F degree range as well. We had a lot of days this past winter where it was -15F or below; didn't bother me a bit. As the Swedes say, "there's no such thing as cold weather, only inadequate clothing). However, I do get tired of snow after several feet of it have fallen. I'm getting old enough where shoveling the stuff starts to hurt.

I love stormy weather, too. Clouds are fascinating. I'm remembering a time when I was driving cross country, back in the 1970s. I had been driving all night and it was about 3 a.m. Just as I was coming to Kearney, Nebraska, a huge thunderstorm rolled in. You've never seen lightning like that. I pulled over to the side and watched the storm engulf the town. What a fascinating experience.

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The part where you described a storm sounds amazing. I haven't experienced below freezing because I'm in California, but as long as the temperature isn't extreme, I think it should be fine. Layering clothes is fun!

Not sure how people exercise and stuff when it's sunny or hot. I really want to exercise more while I'm still (sort of) young, but the sun scares me away.

A lot of people say that I should feel cold easily because I'm skinny and have less fat (or something...) but that's.. not the case. So strange.

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We're all different- I'm super jealous of where you all live, I'm literally crippled to go outside in the terrible cold in the New York winter time, which is why I'm doing everything I can to move, even if it means leaving family/friends. Oh, and for the record, summers are humid here too, so we get the worst of both worlds. Not that I necessarily love roasting in the heat either, but I'll take that ANY time over the cold winters.

We all respond differently though- I love warmth but not extreme heat.

I definitely have winter seasonal affective disorder- might you possibly have the reverse?

Below 40: Torture. I feel like I'd rather be dead than be outdoors. Especially when it gets in the 10s and nonsense like that.

40-50: Still too chilly, but I can at least go outside for a little while.

50-60: Not too bad for me

60-70: Enjoyable

70-80: Quite enjoyable. My preference

80-90: Also enjoyable, and I prefer it when it's not too humid

90-100: I don't like getting overly thirsty or sweating, so it's a bit TOO much, but I'm alright in it

100+: It's tolerable, but certainly not enjoyable. I need lots of water.

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As someone who works outside doing heavy physical work I can agree that 50-60 is prefect.

I just want enough of our Northern New York lake effect snow to melt so I can get back outside and working.

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