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Currently, I'm going to my gp for medication, and I will be visiting a counselor on the 1st of April for my first session. But the more I think about it, the more I wonder if there is a better solution?

Is it a good option to just go to a psychiatrist so that one person is handling your therapy and meds, or is it just a case of what works? I do like my gp quite a lot. She listens and has been very helpful with everything I've come to her about. I just wonder if a psychiatrist or psychologist would be beneficial, as opposed to just a therapist or counselor.

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look its like every professional is different.

I go to a psychiatrist who is a practicing Gp also. Mostly he just keeps my meds stable and helps me establish my plans.

He keeps out of my way as far as counseling but he has said at times he will act if i get too far out there. Yeah that being said i have so many years of therapy i know what im doing. I just really need someone to give me my meds and let me get on with what i have to do.

I think it all depends on what stage you at in your healing and most particularly if your in crisis or not.

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Photogirl I have been to 3 different therapist and one psychiatrist who put me on a medication that actually made me worse.

I felt they were all useless giving me breathing techniques to do when I would hyperventilate and stuff like that.I basically was fearful to leave the house that's how bad I was.

I just felt like I had no hope but going was better than nothing because my family would think I was not doing anything to help myself so I went.

One day my therapist suggested that I may have adult ADD and that was the beginning of my recovery because I know have a medication that actually works and it did so from the very first dose and now my therapy is focused based on my condition rather than my symptoms..I find coming here and learning far more therapeutic than any councilor but they can be helpful.

my psychiatrist is not a very likeable person and is kind of rude IMO but I had to wait a year just to get him and he is needed to prescribe and basically I tell him what I need because his recommendation of high doses of Zoloft made my condition worse. I have Aetna insurance and not a lot of doctors take it up here in Rhode Island. I spent an entire week trying to find a doctor only to learn no one took my insurance and the few that did was not taking new clients. Now I know why people get frustrated and give up you try to get help even with coverage and cant find it..

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psychologist/therapist (masters or phD degree): They listen to your problems, issues, and work with you on working them out. They are not medical doctors.

psychiatrist (MD): Medical doctor specializing in mental health, profiles your symptoms, diagnoses your illness, and treats you with the appropriate meds. When you go back to them, they are not trying to help you figure stuff out like a counselor, but rather how the meds are working and what changes are needed.

The only reason I feel to go to a psychiatrist instead of your gp is that a psychiatrist *should* have more experience dealing with mental illness issues and be able to better treat you. However, there are many gps that can treat you just as well, at a fraction of the cost, are more available, and are more experienced with you. My feelings is that, if you feel that your gp isn't doing a good job with your meds or treating you correctly, then you should go to a psychiatrist. In either case, going to a therapist would be additional to your medical doctor.

Hope that helps!

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