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Fisher Wallace Stimulator For Bad Moods

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anyone heard of or tried this device? You hook up these things to your forehead and turn it on for 20 minutes at a time. Supposed to increase serotonin, endorphins, and other neurotransmitters. Would be nice if it lived up to its expectations...think of all the drug side-effects you could avoid!

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There's going to be people who said it helped, and those who said it didn't. Setting aside anecdotal comments via "correlation is not causation" (I know this is possible unfairly dismissive),

I don't think there's enough scientific evidence to support the claims by the CES companies, including that it induces neurotransmitter release. I see a lot of conjecture, drawn from a limited number of studies with small sample sizes. The most recent literature review (Harvard 2010) available on their website (Noninvasive Brain Stimulation with Low-Intensity Electrical Currents: Putative Mechanisms of Action for Direct and Alternating Current Stimulation) states that, reviewing the body of research at hand, evidence is inadequate to assert AC stimulation stimulates serotonin/norepinephrine activity.

They also take issue with several studies' experimental design. And I'm highly discouraged by the author's comments of "our review of the CES trial literature reveals the importance of providing certain basic information. Research results should include means, standard deviations, Ns, statistical tests used and their p-values..." etc. Without going through the literature, I'm suddenly pretty biased against it.

Also, consider this sentence: "Since at least several of the published studies were conducted by individuals with a commercial interest in a specific CES device...". Red flag.

For what it's worth, they did find an improvement to anxiety scores. BUT, all they're doing is a meta-analysis - synthesizing the results of multiple older studies. New results will only be as valuable as old data were.

If you google "cranial electrotherapy stimulation -or- Fisher Wallace -and- Depression Forums", you'll get quite a few hits.

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I've been curious about it too, especially since I use electrical stimulation to combat pain from the collapsed disc in my lower spine. The TENS unit relieves my pain, so maybe the device we see advertised on here constantly would work too?

For me it sounds too good to be true, like all our pdocs would be heartily recommending the devices if they did what they claim to do. I will stick with my meds.

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