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Is This Depression

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I have no joy in my life anymore. It's just, "Lets get through the day, again". I never have fun, I can't even have fun. I just always feel miserable

I tend to treat my friends, but only really close friends, rudely. I don't mean to, but I just do it, I can't seem to stop. I am never positive. I enjoy drama, & when people are sad.It's not good but it is true, My friends ask why I act like this, why I never goof around, why I am so serious.

I get depressed a lot. I feel like crying a lot.Many times it can be severe. I don't feel like socializing anymore, I just want to be by myself, in my room. I just don't enjoy socializing anymore.The only thing I enjoy doing is sleeping, which I get way to much of, & I am still really tired. I love being on the the internet, all the time. I don't remember when I was happy for more then a few hours.

I think about a suicide a lot. At first, they we're just thoughts. But now, I am actually considering suicide. I do have a plan. I can't stop contemplating suicide.

This has been going on for almost two years.

So, is this clinical depression?

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No one on the forums can diagnose you. You might consult a mental health professional.

Depression is identified via a medical diagnosis. The diagnostic criteria are listed in the DSM. They do include a persistent low mood.

Your low mood and suicide ideation is real regardless of whether you are classified as clinically depressed or not.

You can always try and take steps to help yourself regardless of your clinical status, and some of the techniques used in the various types of therapy are applicable to anyone.

All that being said, the DSM is just an abstract line in a suite of symptoms that occur in shades of grey from person to person.

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