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Just looked through all the posts through the search feature and would like to hear anyone's thoughts on this drug that might help me out. Like how anxious/activating was your start-up etc. I don't want to experience what I did with Fluoxetine/Prozac that made my fascicualtions worse and my anxiety skyrocket. I had a not so good pdoc at the time though and I believe he started me on too high of a dose of Fluoxetine (30mg).

I am loving Remeron (I'm 2 weeks in now) for sleep which is improving my depression, although when ever I'm not busy doing something during the day I get super drowsy and can barely stay awake. I felt this way before the Remeron as well.

I've also been looking at some other stimulants like Adderall XR and Ritalin. Gawd I must sound like a junkie in this post.

Almost have all the pieces to the puzzle of my issues sorted out, then I can get on with a normal life again and slowly taper off the meds.

Thanks for reading smile.png

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I had no anxiety issues before beginning bupropion, and detected no change in that after starting.

Many posts have been made in this subforum by people with pre-existing anxiety finding their issues exacerbated by bupropion.

Really, you won't know unless you try it. However, an increase in your anxiety would not be unheard of.

Re: adderall, I'm no doctor, but prescribing it just for energy and wakefulness might be inappropriate given it's potency and potential for abuse. It was prescribed to me off-label for depression, but it did not energize me or wake me up. It just made my thoughts busier.

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