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Sometimes when I leave therapy I don't feeling better. Its like I feel ashamed of the things that talk about. Like somehow be punished for talking about them. So I just nag myself over them. And think about them constantly. So when I leave therapy I don't feel any easy. And I know or I've heard therapy is suppose to give you a sense of relief.

I told my therapist this. He says that it has to do with my personality. Anyone else feel this way after therapy session.

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Yeah, I have felt this way too. I think it can "sometimes" depend on the kind of therapy and the therapist as well as on oneself.

I read once that depression has something to do with having too many "shoulds" and "should nots" in one's mind, usually parental or social in origin. I also read that in some types of therapy, instead of freeing a person from the tyranny of shoulds, the therapy can merely substitute psychological "shoulds" and "should nots" for parental ones. So instead of being overburdened with the sense that one "should" be ambitious, clever, popular, beautiful, successful and good . . . one is then overburdened with the sense that one "should" be "more normal", more psychological mature, more developmental, less neurotic and so on. So psychological "shoulds" and "should nots" replace parental ones or even worse are added to them. I can see how that would make therapy not something to engender relief in a person, if that makes sense.

Many psychological terms are somewhat moralistic in nature, either explicitly or implicitely. I think Cognitive Behavior Therapy is less "moralistic" in many ways although it all depends on the therapist too.

Perhaps this is not what you are referring too. ??? I also think that few people in therapy mention the millions of things in their lives where they were ambitious, successful, good and so on. There can be a concentration on the negative since one goes into therapy because of the negatives. I don't know. That's just what I think. What do you think?

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epi has hit a proper point there with the lack of focus that we do in relation to theraphy. Its like as if we must somehow summarise our lives into one hour and hope to God that we get it sorted there and then. What should be done is real focussed "homework" (for want of a better word) before we go, rather than forcing ourselves to rush in and ramble on and on.

The last theraphist I went to set out some exercises for me between sessions, even so far as giving me handouts. It may have looked like something out of school, but did it work? Yup, and cos it was a week or two typically between sessions, it gave me time to sit down and constructively think rather than shot from the hip in the sessions. Sure, I was still nervous but it was extremely beneficial in spreading the stress evenly rather than one massive blow at the session. It was mostly CBT based theraphy.

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