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Am I Depressed?


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Suddenly, i don't understand how i walk, i don't understand how i drive, i don't understand the feeling of sleepy, and all these feeling of not able to give myself an answer is driving me nuts.

it's seems to me that everything is in autopilot mode where i myself do not understand how am i walking, do i lift my knee or my ankle? what's the different between dragging my foot on the floor and having a clearance to the ground? what did i do to make the clearance? i don't know.

When i drive, it seems that i would know how much the steering need to be turn, or need to continue turning when entering a curve. how soon should i starting turning the steering? my hand would do it automatically but i don't understand why would i do it at that moment.

When i feel like sleeping, i couldn't get the answer what would make me feel like sleeping at that moment...

It's so frustrating...why am i having to go through all these?

I just hate this feeling...

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Seems like a mild form of dissociation. Perhaps a manifestation of anxiety?

You might be depressed, but your description makes it sound like something else.

Don't take my word for it though. I'm an armchair psychologist whose prestigious qualifications include watching TV shows with psychiatrists in them and reading stuff on the internet.

I hope someone more helpful comes along to answer your questions.

You mention that you started experiencing these things "suddenly". Have there been any recent changes in your life?

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well, recently i do have some stress in work and financially...i believe these two are the only stress i'm having lately...

still, any could give me me some answers on my questions? i mean literally...not other way to ease my problem...i just want to see what other people sees towards my questions...

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