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What Is The Greatest Life Lesson You Have Learned So Far?

hiding pain

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1. Do the best you can in everything you do in life - just because you can and do it for yourself.

2.Be as helpful, pleasent and complimentary to everyone you meet - because you can and it is great to see other people smile

3. Be as loving and kind to yourself without any conditions - because you are unique, special and are talented in ways you have yet to discover.

4. Live for the moment as it is all you have. Make every moment count so you do not miss an opportunity to show your greatness.

5. Do not worry about anything, be a person of action - when the going gets tough you just get tougher because you can.

6. Do a job you love and do it in an excellent fashion A job you love doing is more like a hobby.

7. Always be truthful to yourself, your true values and never ever leave anything unforgiven , unpraised and unloved.

Jim Bow

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i learned that im valuable. our personalities are incubated in a culture that constantly compares us unfavourably to supposedly more "Perfect" individuals and to measure ourselves against others on scales of "Perfection" against which we are doomed to fail. i realised none of that is in any way meaningful and that im perfect the way that i am, and that a human being is a very valuable thing. but in a way it has also been a devastating realisation, because im forced to see so many people who are not able to value themselves appropriately, struggling to achieve the most basic things because they have been taught that they can have no effect in this world and even if they could then everything they attempt is doomed to failure. i feel that i wish i could communicate this to others, that they are no less "Perfect" than the standards they are held up to, and that there is so much that they can experience and do with what they have that it makes comparison with achievements or abilities of others be meaningless.

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Hi hiding pain,

I would say the greatest lesson I've learned was taught to me by my mom, " No one will take better care of you than YOU " It took me until later in life to really understand what she meant, but I absolutely got the message now. I'm not waiting around for someone else to do for me what I need to do for myself.

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"Where ever you go, there you are."

Taught me that I can't run away from my problems; I must be the change I want to see, I shouldn't repress negative emotions and I can't lie to myself to make myself a better/different person.

"We accept the love we think we deserve."

This opened my eyes wide when I reflected on my relationships, past and present, with my family, friends and ex-girlfriends. I always tried and failed in understanding why things happened the way they did and why bad blood was a repeat offense in my life and this quote from Perks of a Wallflower nailed it for me.

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Money defines everything. You just gotta know how and where to spend it.

You can be happier than someone that has 10 times more money than you do, if you spend it on good things, and not on crappy things that are either useless or bad for you. You need to live comfortably, though. Without comfort, you cannot focus on achieving your subsequent life goals.

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Do your best to be the best you can , because you can be the best.

When you do a job, do it to be the best in the field because you can.

Love everything you do and do the jobs you really love doing do you really look forward to going to work.

Love yourself unconditionally

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Two things that go hand in hand.

1. I'm the same as everyone else. DNA, carbon-based. Same basic structure - bipedal, opposable thumbs, no tail.

2. Therefore I've got as much right to success and happiness as anyone else. So I need to define it and go after it. It might not work out the first time. Or at all. But I go up to the plate again.

What did Cal Ripken and Hank Aaron have in common? Each in the top five in career outs made. Reggie Jackson, "Mr. October"? All-time career leader in strikeouts. But they always took their next turn at the plate.

(Sorry, non-baseball fans!)

Take care, all!

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I've learned that you have to be your own best friend and to be strong to pull yourself up because sometimes that's all you'll have. Also I've learned to feel sorry for family members who are very wealthy and who put money ahead of helping their own family....have gained a lot of perspective from the kindness of strangers especially in developing countries.

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@ hiding pain - great idea for a thread :)

I've learned so far that there is some really dark corners in this world and some evil monsters with human shells that walk among us. There is not nearly enough kindness and too much pain and suffering. But the only thing that anyone can do is try to do to make a change in our world is to put out as much kindness and warmth and good as they can. And that even the tiniest, smallest good thing can sometimes supersede all the bad.

-Trusting people is a dangerous business but loneliness is deadly.

-speaking your mind freely and being outspoken is scary but it gets easier with practice and time. Never ever sell out your ethics and principles because it will haunt you forever.

-beauty fades and money isn't everything. And by the way, they are not very rewarding either.

-trust your gut instinct, always. Look for it and develop it.

-smiling and laughter are the only real weapons that can combat cruelty and harm.

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I'm insignificant and my whole life is pointless. I don't see that as a bad thing, I see it more as a pressure release. Because I'm insignificant and I know my whole life is pointless, I don't have to answer or prove myself to anybody. Everyone has their ideas on how to live their life and the things that make them fulfilled etc, but that doesn't mean I have to go along with any of them. Whether I want to be a high flying stockbroker or live in a hippie commune - they're both perfectly valid lifestyles. You can't please everyone, so there's no point trying, there's no need to put myself under undue pressure.

I say this, but of course it's all theoretical, never been that great at putting what I preach into practice. I keep trying to remind myself of this because I think it could be beneficial for me. Yet I still have times when I think about how I'd like to think about my life, or how I think I should think about it which both kind of negates what I've just said anyway. I'd love to not care what anyone else thinks about me and not feel the need for approval, but I'm nowhere near that.

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1) That ultimately, you can only count on yourself.

2) Living to please others never really works and will just make you more miserable.

3) Being single/alone is not as bad as being in bad/abusive relationship.

4) Age is just a number (we all age at different rates).

5) You can't keep running away from problems, because they will just follow you wherever you go (at least most of them).

6) Do not place all of your emotional need eggs in one basket, i.e. in one person/in a relationship.

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Reading all this just makes me soo sad, because these are all things I haven't learned yet

All these things are just words on a page to me, no real meaning...

You really only learn these things through experience. And it seems experience hasn't taught me much

When you put yourself first, these things can and will be learned.

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