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Did I Give Faverin (Fluvoxamine) Enough Time?

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So yes, unfortunately my first SSRI failed to treat my OCD and depression (I mainly believe that I suffer from BPD (borderline) but my pdoc ignored it). I was prescribed Faverin (fluvoxamine), I will be now completing my 10th week (4th week on the maximal 300mg dose), which is 2 months and a half. Not even a tiny relief I got, I am quitting it cold turkey (withdrawal symptoms to be addressed later) this week since I dont have any more pills, I am travelling for my annual leave and I don't see a point going to my pdoc before my leave for new or augmented meds as I really dont want to be bothered by side effects (especially sleepiness and yawning) during my leave and I am not that hopeful with meds anymore.

My question: did I give fluvoxamine enough time to judge it? (I have that OCD question now: "what if" I continue taking it, will it work at the 12th week for example?)

After I return here again (where I work in a different country), I am gonna see my pdoc again for a new SSRI and, possibly, an atypical antipsychotic.

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