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Maybe I'm Not So Attractive.

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This is kind of silly, but I've been reading a lot of articles online about online dating and people making fake profiles to see how hard/easy people have it. Well, I made one for my blog and I wrote about. I posted someone else's picture and I kept getting emailed left and right.

After my post, I switched the picture to a few of my own and I haven't gotten one email.

Now, I've never had a problem getting dates or relationships. I consider myself to be a fairly decent looking guy. But since I haven't gotten any messages online like the "other guy" I posted, I'm starting to second guess and myself a feel dejected.

How does one change who they are?

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It is so superficial. I am older now. Character is the most important trait to me. Real life is a good place to meet people. How do you know what mathematical model the online dating service is using? A gf was honest with her eHarmony questionnaire. They wrote back to her that they could not help her. I could not believe my ears.

Online is not a real place. I became a lawyer but I am certain others here can analyze problems with online dating services. I plan to use one or two in the near future. You have to keep it in perspective. WWII presented an urgency to couples meeting. I know of several marriages that happened within a few weeks of meeting. So many factors can be involved.

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If you were doing this as an experiment, I assume you used similar pictures (setting, clothing, posture, smile).

I have used sites like "doyoulookgood" a few years ago to rate pictures and have had very varied results with my own pictures.

I don't suggest anyone with self-image issues going on that kind of site unless you're really "hot". I'm confident to be at least OK-looking, and I was just looking to see if picture A was better than picture B, not if I was more or less good looking than other people.

The setting of the picture itself is just as important as the person that's on it.

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I wonder if some of the downturn has to do with you actually changing your picture, just the action of changing it? Maybe people are making assumptions about your intentions and motives (hacking, trolling) and not about your looks. :blush21: If it was me, my thoughts would tend more towards questioning your true intentions due to the picture being first one person then another. It would make me doubt whatever you had said up to then. You are awesome, don't let this shallow society convince you otherwise!!! :console:

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