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Your "sanctuary" (When/where You Feel Safe)


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At home when nobody is around, nature, and my imagination. I used to frequent a specific classroom in high school after hours, and it used to be a sanctuary - too bad that the pace of time makes that place, with its specific context, impossible to visit now. But it was nice for what it was when it existed. Might make the local library a sanctuary, I've been delaying a visit

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I always wanted to feel loved more than feeling safe. I would rather put myself in harms way to make someone else feel safe, that is why I liked being in the military, also when I was younger I felt like I did not particularly enjoy my life so I was okay with putting myself in danger. I always fought peoples bullies in school. I just wanted to be loved because in a way I guess that made me feel safe. I would fight in the coliseum just to be loved and adored.

My fiance made me leave the military but then she left me, sometimes I just feel like I want to go back to what I know. I have been doing a lot of martial arts so I am thinking of doing the fighting tournaments.

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